Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Days Like These...

What a beautiful day Sunday was. It was one of those days that is so nice you feel you could do anything but you end up just sitting and enjoying it. Too good to be ignored. I went to the market just up the road from us and found a few pretty things. I had a general feeling of well being as I left...in my bags I had a pretty, old plate, a couple of old table cloths, a bunch of very green silverbeet, some very large passionfruits, a bunch of flowers and, to top it all off, a budgie. (Actually it was in a box not a bag.) We had recently been asked by one of our neighbours if we would care for their mother's budgie as she had had a stroke and could no longer look after it. Usually I don't agree with birds in cages but I thought we could make an exception just to help out. The little budgie was in need of a mate and I must say she is mach happier now she has a friend. Their names- Maisey and Lacey.


  1. Oh very pretty my friend... I so feel like moving something around today... I think it is the rain doing that to me... I hope those giggling girls are treating you well...

  2. You've got me itching to go on the hunt - its been a few weeks since I've done the "junk shops"?! over - isn't amazing what you can find and of course it's always fun to bring it home to display. I just noticed the piccy on the side of the cupcake holder with the little bowls on each cake space - beautiful.