Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Curtains Are Up!

Hello everyone. As promised I have an update on my bedroom makeover.
John finished blacksmithing the curtain  rods and brackets this past week so now the Jaenne d'Arc curtains are up! Very exciting! They are made from such beautiful linen and fall so nicely.

I also put my little work desk that John made me a couple of years ago, bedside the bed and added a mirror and some other pretties. Now I'm trying to track down just the right stool or chair to go beneath it.
Our bedroom (like our cottage)  is rather on the small side so it's always a toss up as to how to have enough storage without having it too crowded. I wasn't sure about putting the desk bedside the bed but I thought that if I went for cozy then I would love it....and I do! Now there is a his and hers desk in our room.

I have also put up a lovely set of hooks from Ikea to hang my bags and scarves and things from. This is the detail of the beautiful coated linen, Jeanne d' Arc Living bag that I treated myself to. I was just so smitten with them when they arrived in our shop that I couldn't help myself. Linen and script...who could ask for anything more:)

Now I have the decorating bug again I can't seem to stop. I have started on the living room now so I'll have some images of that soon.

A happy week to everyone,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wonderful News and a Bedroom Makeover

Wow it's been so long since I have blogged that I have  had to relearn some things!


My very dear son Isaac got engaged in December to the very lovely Chiara! Exciting times!
We are so proud of him and so pleased for them. It is so obvious when they are together, how very much they are in love. I just love to see them so happy!

Just wanted to share some photos of the start of our bedroom makeover.

It is the first time in years that I have loved my bedroom. I can't believe that I have waited so long to make it a cosier sanctuary....somewhere that I love to go to at the end of the day.

It all started with a new bed. I never realized just how bad our bed was until I got the new one. It is beautiful!
Just an ensemble but a plush pillow top's like sleeping on a cloud. Apparently that's what I needed to cure my ever aching's like a miracle!

I have been using some of the lovely old bottles in the decorating as they always look so beautiful with fresh flowers from the garden.

So, there's still a way to go including putting up the very beautiful, white linen, Jeanne d'arc Living curtains.  I'm just waiting for John to finish blacksmithing some rods and brackets.

Now I best go and save some washing from a thunderstorm that's looming....I will put up some more photos as I get things done.