Saturday, April 11, 2009

10 Things About Me You May Not Know

An award has come my way from Sabrina at My Cottage Dream
so now I must let you all in on a few of my secrets.....things that I may not have told you.
1. I am a science nut. As a small child I read a lot of science books and could tell you important things like the life cycle of a fern or plate tectonics or even the habits of a cricket. This is something that I never grew out of and I still am fascinated by anything science related. Needless to say I also did science at uni, became a laboratory technician and ended up working in a seed testing laboratory.
2. I like things to be balanced or lined up. There is nothing worse than going into John's workshop and finding the saw bench running ALMOST parallel to the wall. I could handle 45 degrees BUT ALMOST parallel......EW! Silly I know but none the less annoying.
3. I cry when I hear a beautiful song or see the glory that nature has to offer. Not sad crying but sheer astonishment or amazement at the beauty portrayed by a few words in a song or a beautiful bird.
4. I grew up with three brothers so will have a go at most things, not to be outdone by any boy!
5. I live in a little cottage in a large garden and don't wish for anything bigger.
6. I have been in the Australian Open Garden Scheme several years and enjoyed meeting other keen gardeners immensely. Gardeners truly are a lovely bunch of people and there is certainly no generation gap.
7. I have never been able to grow my nails. They are way too weak and the garden doesn't agree with them.
8. I start a new project before I finish the last one (much to my disgust).
9. I hate killing insects and am a bit of a greenie. I'd rather relocate a spider than kill it.
10. The thing that I'm most scared of is giant stick insects. I can handle spiders and snakes but please don't let that stick insect touch me

Now you know a few of my secrets...shhh...don't tell anyone.
I would love to pass this award on but I'm afraid most people I know are a little award shy so if you would like to play, you could just tell us ten things about yourself. That's always fun.
Take care, Angela.