Monday, July 13, 2009

A Weekend Like Spring

What a beautiful weekend we have just had. The weather was very much like a perfect Spring day. Just when I was feeling so worn out from all the cold that we have been having Spring came knocking at the door. I think there should be more of those days.

I was planning on making a lot of charms but you don't let beautiful days like those go to waste so I spent most of both days in the garden and only managed to get a few charms made.
In the evening I tried my hand at ebay to see what treasures could be found and I was fortunate enough to find this old, black and white wooden rule. I was so pleased as they are not easy to find here in Australia and I really wanted one for measuring things in the shop....and it HAS to fit into the overall colour scheme of course:) I also bought 500 sterling silver jump rings for a bargain for all the charms I need to make and a sterling silver ball chain necklace for a steal. What a buzz it is bidding on ebay!