Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our Home

Thirteen years ago, John and I purchased a beautiful block of land twenty minutes drive north of Toowoomba. I think we actually told the real estate fellow that if we could get this block of land it would be like living in paradise. At the time we had been living on the black soil plains of the Darling Downs where the weather always seemed harsh. In summer we would watch the rain clouds sweep past us and sit on Toowoomba where it was always several degrees cooler. In winter it was another sad story to be told. We constantly got much more severe frosts and we had none of the wet foggy weather that we loved so much. I would leave home for work and the sun was shining and my little car would pull itself up the range to a find a foggy and wet Toowoomba. Oh so sad when I am a keen gardener.

To cut a long story short, we did get our block of land on the escarpment, went through a lot of worry and trouble getting our 10 square transportable home accepted by council and now we are enjoying our peace of paradise just how we had visualized.

Our little blue house sits on five acres, about one and half of which is under garden. We started with a bare block that had a couple of larger trees on it so it was a very clean slate to start with indeed. With the new garden in mind, I think I had collected about fifty potted plants (before we moved in) ready to start as soon as I could. Thirteen years on you can hardly see the house from the road. By our,I think, sixth or seventh year here we were part of the ABC Open Garden Scheme- we needed a name for our place.Our house was blue...around that time I was fossicking around at a market and there it was.....a plate the exact blue of our house called Chelsea Blue. That was a sign I'm sure. Not only did the blue match but Chelsea in England is where my very dear Grandad Brown had grown up- how fitting.
We fill our home with things we love.....
our dear little dogs Poppy and Susie.....
and with kids. We love having sleepovers. No matter how small the house is kids
can bunk down anywhere...the more the merrier. There is nothing nicer than to hear a bunch
of kids having fun. With their inane conversations and silly giggles you can't help but smile.


  1. I was only telling our dear friends about your garden on the weekend and how it just seems like it must have been there for a very long time as it is so beautiful and advanced... You have an amazing little piece of paradise, that you share with that beautiful family and loads of kids.. I feel very blessed every time I walk through it and there is always new surprises growing there that I haven't seen before...So grateful you have touched my life...

  2. Thankyou dear Cathy, you are one of the nicest people I know so the feeling is mutual,

  3. I hope your garden is open again soon sometime, I would love to come and visit it - I have heard it is lovely.
    My Mum battles on to garden on those black soil plains with salty bore water. I am glad my conditions here are just a little better - in a good season your spot would be perfect. It certainly is a blessing to be able to create a home and a garden for our loved ones.

  4. what a charming tale of how your home & garden came to get its (their?) name :)

    and don't your Poppy and Susie look so well mannered?!

  5. I just love your home! The pictures gives me so much warmth and happiness :) I love your blog, and i see my name on your site, fun! Therefore i don`t think you mind that i put you also on my list? I wish you a joyful day!

    Greetings from a Norwegian girl who lives in The Neteherlands

  6. Oh wow, you live in Queensland Australia?!! How fun isn`t that?
    I love Australia and specially Queensland because Terry and Steve Irwin also lives there. I am a huge fan of their conservation work and i follow every step that they take on the way to a better world. Well, now you know :)

    How is the weather? I saw yesterday at the news that it is colder now where you live. Here it isa warmer, around 24 degrees. Just warm enough.
    Well, see you in a bit!