Thursday, June 14, 2007

Charming Book

Finally finished another charm yesterday for a friend of mine.
I really like the combination of a fresh little watercolour with the old paper from sheet music.

Have you seen this book around? "Home. Living life beautifully", by Sandra Kaminski. It is absolutely gorgeous. Such beautiful photos by Rachael Hale.
I have borrowed it for a little while from my friend and won't like handing it back when the time comes. I think I will have to find one for myself.
Pink and green are not the only colour schemes in the book but I couldn't help but show you these photos!

I am now more inspired to grow as many flowers as I can and fill the house with them.


  1. They are beautiful roses Angela Louise. Who else but mother nature could create such delicate petals and perfect forms . Pink has a very soothing effect on the senses - especially the soft tones. Do you grow the old fashioned scented varieties of roses?

  2. I might add, I really like your charms! They're lovely!

  3. Wow that charm is just lovely my friend... Makes me envious to just want to sit and play awhile with some of my new ideas... That photography in that book looks so pretty. Oh I love books and magazines with pretty pictures....

  4. Hello Angela
    I too have that book , I have long been an admirier of Sandra Kamenski. Each month in the NZ House and Garden Sandra has a couple of decorating pages that I manage to drool over and try to draw some inspiration from.
    The charms that you are making are so divine

  5. Hi Angela, I was absolutely in awe of that beautiful charm when I saw it today. The lovely "B" is one of my friends too. I have heard of your lovely work and garden quite often. I also love that book and recently ordered it from Dymocks in Toowoomba - they had another on the shelf as well. It is certainly a beautiful book to own. Looking forward to more of your blog.

  6. Hi Angela, I had wanted to reply to your comment and it seemed to bounce back. So Thank You. Not sure about all the mechanics yet of this blogging business!!!

  7. I am so glad that you enjoyed my book,we loved producing it.I am working on my website at the moment-more of the same kinds of things-enjoy