Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Foggy Start....

What a beautiful foggy start to the day. The sound of rain on the roof has been rather scarce of late so it was most welcome. I know I keep going on about the rain but a wet world is a much better world in my books.
This little building is my youngest son's cubby that John made him when he was only five. We thought that if we made a cute cubby then we could use it as a nice little garden shed when Sam no longer uses it. There is a secret trapdoor in the floor that is very useful when trying to escape the clutches of someone in hot pursuit. Within it's four walls are all the things that a boys' cubby should have....spiders, old bottles, shells, rocks, a cactus and succulent collection, the occasional possum, an old gypsy caravan heater/stovelet....and the list goes on. At one stage, after having grown up in the garden, Sam was a very keen gardener. Most of the plants around his cubby were planted by his little hands and carefully watched for any signs of growth.
From a very young age he new many botanical names like; Solanum wenlandii and Dimortheca. Wonderful words to hear coming out of the mouth of a three year old. I remember one open garden day a little old lady coming up to me saying," I was wondering what the beautiful purple-flowered plant was around there and your little boy assured me it was a Solanum wenlandii. Is he right?" Well, who said the young can't teach the elderly anything?
Cold foggy weather calls for warm cake and a cup of tea. What better than my Grandma Derksen's dutch honey cake. Always a favourite of anyone who tries it. Just add a light spread of butter and enjoy...


  1. What a very useful and practical skill to be handy with hammer and nails. Still wish I was...
    Great pictures, the cubby house looking very cosy there amidst the fog.
    Glad to hear you enjoy a tinker on the piano as I do. Most of the time I find it relaxing, as when playing a piece that I'm very familiar with. I can find it agitating trying to practice a new piece, but it's very rewarding once I,m confident in playing it. I especially like to play ragtime and South African style as my partner is South African so he has some influence on me.
    Don't finish that cake without me, I'm coming up for some.
    Adios amigo.

  2. Pity I couldn't have you playing the piano in the background as I eat my cake! Now that would be perfect!

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  4. Just made a mistake in the last one so I am starting again... I try and explain to people how amazing your garden is and I am so glad you are giving people more of a sneak peak into some of the amazing structures you have... You are both so talented... I was actually on the phone to a friend in Sydney and she had just found your blog for the first time and so loved it... She is another wonderful friend of details... I know you know what that means ... Anyway this is not getting that project finished off is it....
    Take care

  5. This is an absolutely wonderful post! I adore the little "cubby" as you say, and now want to show it my husband to make one for my 5 year old son...a trap-door, eh!! Oh the thoughts! I love that you taught your son the proper names for plants & it inspires me to nurture my own son's love of all things growing...a garden by his own cubby...I think we'll have a go! Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Katie, thankyou for leaving such a lovely message. I'm sure your son would enjoy a cubby like Sam's. I remember one of the days when John was making the cubby, Sam was feeling rather sick but just couldn't miss out on all the action. He came and lay down amongst the mulch hay on the garden and promptly went to sleep....we have such a beautiful photo of him curled up in the straw! It's such an exciting time in a little boys' would be a wonderful and much remembered time for your son too if he has his own cubby. Happiness to you, Angela.

  7. Hi :) I'm just finding your blog and I'm lovin' it :)

    especially your Sam's little Cubby House...