Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Which Room?

Is it just me or does everybody have the same problem? Whenever I manage to finally get some plants growing well in pots I'm always left with the dilemma as to where to place them. I want them every the lounge room, the bedroom, the laundry shelf, outside on the little ladder, on the kitchen table....
So, at the moment they have been travelling around the home. I'm always torn between the best position for them and the position where they'll look the best and where I see them the most. I thought I had found a remedy- just have more, but I still have favourites...these are the ones I want everywhere.
I did a very quick spot of sewing the other of those sewing sessions that I just needed to do some and I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to sew. I think I needed to get it out of my system. Looking at all the beautiful blogs makes it almost impossible not to create something. I already had the piece of linen blend with the apple stamp from when I had made Mum a table cloth. I had stamped the whole cloth with apples and pears and their leaves. I must sew one for myself. The stamping is so easy- you cut the pear or apple in half, load it with paint, stamp and then paint in the stem and seeds if they didn't show up.


  1. You are so very clever my friend... Everything always looks pretty no matter where you put it.... I can't wait for another day together, chatting, eating, looking through mags together, it all makes me very happy.....

  2. The pincushion looks so lovely!! What a great idea to stamp it! I might use that idea,may i?
    Well, i have to laugh a little bit about your problem, with the plants. My plants never gets the time to get so big or old that i don`t know where to put them :) Normally they are already, i am not that good in taking care of plants..
    Oh, it is very late for me right now, almost two in the morning. I enjoy the holiday so much that i find it hard to jump to bed, haha..
    But i wanted to stop by and enjoy your blog and wish you a fun weekend! Aina ;)

  3. Thanks for letting me step inside your house once more Angela Louise.
    I like the idea of lots of plants inside the house - bring the outside in I say. Especially in that some plants are so efficient in cleaning the air of pollutants found in household furnishings, paint, etc.
    Just out of curiosity, you and your friend Cathy Louise - your original names wern't just Cathy and Angela were they? I'm imagining a picture of both of you sipping tea in dainty dresses on the lawn. When do we get to see the ladies? Bye for now - school holidays talking.

  4. Hello again,
    Thanks for your nice letter Angela. I think you have misunderstood my comment when I said I don't like to be confined by houses - what I meant was confined by houses in the neighbourhood. I agree that a house should be a haven and I can certainly say that I can't wait to get home when I have been to many places. I also think a home is a place not defined by how many lovely objects and possessions we can acquire ( I see so much of this on the net which really annoys me - there are so many other important issues to talk about ) More important is the general atmosphere of a home and many would agree with me here when I say you can feel it as soon as you walk in the door. The majority of people living on this planet are poor and don't have the money or means to spend alot on their homes let alone own their own house so for them love, friendship and security are more important. This is the mindset I try to follow. Anyone else want to comment?

  5. Oh what a beautiful blog you have. Full of inspiration! I will steele the idea with stamping right away... I just bought an old farmhouse in the south of Sweden. I live in the city so it`s going to be my summer house. It needs alot of renovating !!! Looking at your beautiful pictures gave me alot of inspiration. I will definitely visit again!

  6. Had to visit your blog again and get some inspiration. I need to see a beautiful and "finished" house in order to believe that mine will be that to some day...