Monday, March 3, 2008

Guess What Tomorrow Is?


So much for turning forty. One blink and I'm already 41.

To some, like my kids, I'm old. To others, I'm young. A mere perspective thing really. I remember when I was 15, having a friend who was seemed so old at the time. Now 30 seems young. For me though...well...I'm still just a girl at heart.

I once heard a man of eighty asked what was it like to be old. He said that it was a privilege to be old as not everybody got the opportunity. I like that. Very well put.

It doesn't seem that long ago that my Mum and Dad were in their forties and now it's me. I like what comes with this age though. I am much more outgoing and confident. I can have a go at most things and succeed without much song and dance. You see, I was so painfully shy when I was growing up and this seemed to hinder me in so many ways.

I feel so alive at the moment. The days are glorious. The sound of bird song fills the garden and the fluttering butterflies paint a very rosy picture indeed. No need for rose coloured glasses at this time of year!

What a beautiful time of year to have a birthday! Lucky me!