Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Little Sewing and Blacksmithing

Just a quick post today as we have had another big weekend and I have many jobs to catch up on. I had John's 40th birthday lunch on Saturday. In all I think there were about 20 of us so it was quite a crowd to cater for. It was well worth the effort as it was really nice to see everyone.
One of the good things to come out of the get together was that it made me get the director's chair covers made. With that many people you need all the seats you can get. I was going to use material I had painted but I just couldn't resist using this beautiful rose material. I just love roses too much. I want to put them on everything! The other material won't go to waste because I will use it for cushion covers. I did do a silly thing though.... I didn't line two of the four seat covers and, you guessed it, they ripped! Not to worry, I wasn't totally happy with them as the material wasn't the rose material. I had an inkling it might happen; luckily no one hurt their posterior on the way through!

As it had been my 40th not long ago my brother in law gave me this lovely sign. The colours perfectly match a french look clock that I already have on the wall. They will look very good together.
The best thing about the cold weather we have been experiencing is that it tempts John to turn his hand to some more blacksmithing. It gets nice and cosy in his shed with a smithy's fire going. So much so, my eldest son even turned up there to do a little of his own.
This time John made this little candelabra for my new glasshouse. It is amazing to watch a few rods of steel turn into something so good. I think it was the first time he had tried the "knotting" on the top. He cut the little candle holders out of tin so it is entirely hand made. Can't wait to hang it!


  1. You 2 never cease to amaze me.. I hope one day the dream of having a business together becomes a reality as the talent you share would be so wonderful for everyone to see...
    Take care

  2. Those chairs are just beautiful. To nice to sit on.