Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What have I been up may ask?

How time flies! In a matter of a couple of very short weeks the kids finished school (all on different days), there was a year seven graduation, a review performance and so many more engagements that I care not to think about them for fear of feeling exhausted all over again!
And all the while the rain fell and the grass grew. It seems(not seems...I really have been) mowing grass twice a week to keep up with it. Please believe me when I tell you that I am not complaining however as it is so nice to have green lush grass to mow.
The garden has been a seething mass of life as it has been warm and humid. There is so much life everywhere. It has been so wonderful to see the number of butterflies this summer. Sometimes I just sit and watch them as they flutter all about in that ever so magical way they have about them. It's not only me that has noticed and appreciated them but also my Sam. He just this very day said, "Mum. Aren't the butterflies nice? They're magical like in a storybook or something."
Somehow Christmas has appeared on the horizon, that is not so distant now, as fast as a bare-footed person on a bed of hot coals! I have slowly been putting a few things up with much encouragement from the kids. I am really looking forward to doing Christmas dinner for the family, including John's Mum . We often have it elsewhere and so I don't get to be host much. I have a wealth of recipes rattling around in my head and when the time comes (usually the last minute) I will decide what to do and hopefully everything will come together.Basically, I just like to stock up well on everything and make the decision as the mood takes me.
Over the next couple of days I will be doing my mad last minute rush for gifts, some cooking and some more decorating. I hope everyone has a very Happy Christmas full of family, friends and happy memories.