Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Bug is Here!

It's almost Autumn here at Chelsea Blue and the Autumn cleaning bug has once again invaded me! The only problem is that I want to do everything at once, not sure which way to turn first. I have the solution- do something in the garden AND something in the house each day and hopefully, slowly but surely, I will cover all areas before the demotivating winter weather arrives. 

This past weekend John and I spent time removing a rather large bush from outside our bedroom window to let in more sunshine and light for the winter months. 
I have a nasty little secret....
my garden that was once in the ABC Open Garden Scheme....days that I thoroughly enjoyed......has become somewhat of an overgrown monster.
You can imagine the look of horror on my face when I recently had a call from the new ABC Open Garden selector asking me if she could show some new selectors through my garden so they know what to look for in an open garden contender!!!!
Granted I still felt rather chuffed that they would choose my garden as I can still find the beauty in it, but it is definitely not up to scratch ( not by any stretch of the imagination), to entertain the eyes of seasoned gardeners!

I must say though that it has been thoroughly enjoyable reclaiming areas and making them pretty again. By pretty I mean weeded, pruned and mulched ready to put on some beautiful Autumn growth and flowers. I might even plant some flowers. It is about that time for poppies, hollyhocks, foxgloves and other spring flowering pretties.

My obsession with old blue bottles continues and although I was unable to make it to the recent antiques and collectibles fair, John and Erica found these for me. You can always trust family to know what you like....particularly if you have a daughter : )
 So, today....
I need to spend time in the studio doing some charm orders ready for tomorrow.

and then a little cleaning....or a lot....depending on my mood, both inside and outside.

Have a lovely day,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Didn't Do...

What I didn't do on my days off this week was to go into my studio and catch up on some charm making.

What I did do however was to redecorate in my home....something that is so lovely to do when the weather is beautiful.

It has been awhile since I have felt so motivated. I think it was something to do with Valentine's Day. The good feeling of making home with and for the ones I love. I cleaned, rearranged, cleaned and rearranged again. In the midst of it all, I cooked a pavlova and painted a few little things.

I was determined to have it all done by the time the family returned to the nest for the evening. 

During the morning I needed to tend to something at a neighbours place and as I was walking back up through the garden, I glanced into the very overgrown chook pen and caught sight of this beautiful snail creeper. I think I actually sighed as it was like finding an old friend. In all the "overgrowness"( for want of a better word ) I had totally forgotten in was even down there. And here it was, unkempt and forgotten offering up the most quaint bunch of flowers just for me. PRETTY!

I have been doing a lot of gardening of late as the whole garden has become somewhat overgrown but I really am enjoying rediscovering it.
And, what's better is that there has been enough rain for everything to stay green and to keep growing.
 I love that......

Oh, I did get a charm done for Erica. Oh no, that was the week before. The weeks seem to go by so fast...