Sunday, April 28, 2013

Roses and Things

Sorry for my absence! Once again I have been caught up facebooking and have failed to keep my blog up to date.
 Over the past few months I have had renewed interest in roses- growing them, having them in the home and photographing them. I have planted a couple more in the garden too. They are just so beautiful. I have planted many over the years but they have been shaded out and undernourished so I have been trying to be good and rejuvenate them by cutting back around them and feeding them. Fingers crossed that they will grow and thrive and I will be able to fill my home with them once again.
 I have also been playing shop,
 enjoying books,
 having a photography session at least once a week- which I love doing,
 making charms,
 making more charms,
 photographing charms,
and just enjoying life in the beautiful Autumn weather that we have been having.

I hope you're enjoying your Autumn and are getting to do some things that you really enjoy doing.

"Take time to smell the roses"