Sunday, November 23, 2008

Graduation- Where Did Those Twelve Years Go?

I finally realize what Mum was talking about when she said, "Enjoy the children while they're little as they don't stay that way for long".Here is a photo of my dear little Isaac when he was at kindergarten. How on earth could he be old enough to have just finished twelve years of school? But that, he has.

Last Wednesday night was formal night for Isaac. The lead up was quite exciting- buying Isaac's first suit, arranging flowers and a cool car, choosing just the right shoes. He was quite certain that he wanted to get everything just right for his lovely girlfriend and date, Chiara.

Photo: Toowoomba Chronicle

Chiara looked very beautiful in her exquisite dress and her hair was
amazing. They looked so nice together.

Such a happy and fun occasion. There were so many pretty girls in beautiful dresses, dashing young men in stylish suits and flash cars. It almost felt like Hollywood.

Then on Friday, Isaac had his graduation ceremony. He has done remarkably well at school with surprisingly little effort and is going on to do an IT degree.

We are so very proud of him as he is also a very caring, affectionate and responsible young man who has an incredible imagination that keeps life interesting. As a little boy he was very well spoken from a very early age and would go out of his way to speak to anyone who had an ear to hear. I use to have to allow more time whilst out shopping as Isaac would often spend a lot of time talking to elderly gentlemen. Everyone who new him said he was an old soul. His doctor thought that he would end up in politics. As he has gotten older though he has become more reserved and isn't the chatterbox he once was.

Congratulations on your graduation Isaac, you have done so well!Love to you and may your future bring you all the happiness you deserve, Mum and Dad.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Did It!

You may recall a couple of posts ago my hesitation at chopping off these beautiful artichoke buds to eat. Well....I did it! I did however leave the largest, most juiciest bud to flower. I just HAD to.
Now I am looking forward to cooking these up in some garlic butter and serving with some feta and spinach pie.
I'll let you all know how it goes. I've only cooked artichokes once before and they were delicious, so here's hoping! *Bon apetite*