Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Cubby House

I thought I had better touch base before we go away for a few days to the beach....I'm really looking forward to it as it has been quite some time since I have felt the sand between my toes.
The wisteria has been looking a picture in the garden. It is such a lovely shade of mauve and the beautiful blue of the spring day just sets it off.

Down in my garden there is a little play house....Lavender Cottage. It is very special to me as my Dad made this for me in 1974 when I was seven. I remember feeling so lucky and feeling like it was like a dream to have something so wonderful being built just for me. I have no sisters and three brothers so I guess Dad and Mum thought it would be nice to have a girly cubby house to play in....and that I did for hours on end. When I shut the door I was in my own little world and my dolls of course would turn into real babies. Sometimes Mum thought that I was lost in the bush or something because I was quietly playing in my cubby for so long.

When we moved away from the town in 1977, we left it at my cousins place to use. To cut a long story short, we eventually were given the opportunity to have it back again for my own children and after a couple of moves, here it sits (for thirteen years now). It's been painted several different colour combinations over that time and I finally named it a couple of years ago. Lavender Cottage because I love lavender so much and it is surrounded by lavender. It has been so nice to see my only daughter, Erica, also grow up with it and maybe one day she will have a little girl to play in it too.

It was always so much fun to do it up for open garden days. A cute little hutch with a vase of flowers, a little table with more flowers and a tea set, pretty little curtains, a little bed with pretty covers and big colourful butterflies all over the outside were a few of the girly touches. One year Mum and I could hear giggling and squeals of delight as we walked by. Ducking our heads around the door to watch the little girls having fun we were taken aback and some what amused to find that the little girls were in fact grown up little girls....Grandmas! It's always hard to resist a good tea party!

It is currently stacked to the brim with toys that we are not quite ready to find new homes for. One day I think we will line the walls with book shelves and have it as a little garden library with a comfy reading chair in it.....ONE DAY. Before I go I'd just like to leave a couple of leaf photos for my good friend Aina at Modern Country. I know how much you like them Aina and thought you would especially like the "heart leaf" ( Cercis "Forest Pansy"). I hope the week ahead and weekend will be a good one for everybody....mine will...I'll be AT THE BEACH!


  1. Beautiful photos and wonderful memories my friend... To think our girls are 14 now just amazes me some times... I have photos of them both when they were 4 and were at pre-school together... That was 10 years ago and seriously just feels like yesterday...Your garden in such a credit to you and john.... You have such a loving family home amongst that gorgeous garden... So glad we know each other and will catch up next week on your return... Putting your toes in the ocean is definitely a thing you should do often I think.... Have the best time... Love ya Cath xx

  2. Such pretty pictures. Have a lovely time at the beach. Will be headed there myself this weekend.

  3. Beautiful flowers and photos, love the one with the sun rays shinning through, and what wonderful memories you have of your little cubbby house...

    Have a wonderful time at the beach!
    Take lots of photo's...:)


  4. How nice! My daughter's name is Erica too LOL. Hope you had a good time with sands under the feet. Here in Sweden we're having autumn now and it's windy and cold. Brrr! Have a great weekend.
    Love Elzie

  5. What a lovely cubby house, I, too, had one growing up but nothing as charming as yours. Thanks for the great story also. Have a great time at the beach.

  6. Hi Mum! Can you PLEASE add my blog to yours because I'm not getting any publicity. And I would also like to say just how much I admire you and your work. I just adore everything you do.
    Love ya lots, Erica

  7. How wonderful that you have this and that it has so many sweet memories attached to it.

  8. Have an enjoyable time at the beach! Your cubby house is superb, and quite fancy looking too, you must've had so much fun in it. Very precious memories indeed, especially one built by your own dad. You'll have to make sure you keep it in tip-top condition and pass it down for generations to come. Wow! What a privilege!

  9. Oh how well I remember that cubby and the big tyre sandpit.

  10. Beautiful Angela, how wonderful to have your childhool cubby in your garden. Tell me about the Forest Pansy sometime - I planted one in the winter and it's still a stick!!! I think it may stay that way.
    Thank you for sharing more of your beautiful garden.

  11. I love your little garden house. and what a perfect name. I have a little garden house (little frenchgardenhouse) that my husband built for me, right now I take photos and make displays in there, and do most of my shipping for my business. But I am so looking forward to the time that I have grandchildren, then it will turn into something else! a play house, with a grandmama who has cookies and books.:)