Monday, October 8, 2007

Warm Days and Visitors

I had a really good time at the beach...both the air temperature and the sea temperature were just right. It was a nice little break from the normal routine. I went to a market at the marina that sold mostly jewellery, soaps, lotions and potions with a few home wares thrown in for good measure. Not an old thing in sight so needless to say, the only thing I bought was a selection of soaps for my good neighbour for looking after our animals while we were away. It all looked very colourful with the cute little tents each stall owner had. Since being back the days have been very warm ( around 30c) and you know what that means....SNAKES and GOANNAS.

Early one morning I noticed that the wild birds weren't using the bird feeder and were kicking up quite a ruckus. I stepped out onto the verandah to find a large carpet snake making its way through the bamboo right at eye level. Then, horror of horrors, it made its way onto the barbecue on the verandah. Judging by the large lump in its stomach, I think it may have already eaten a large bird or something similar! These snakes usually eat a couple of our chooks over the summer which is a bit sad but it stops the number of chooks building up too much. The blood curdling screech of the chook being crushed is definitely not one of the best noises to hear in the middle of the night though!

Every year without fail as the weather warms up this goanna makes its way from the bush to our place. I think he comes up for some water and eggs. I can hear him coming as the birds in the bush sound alarm signals as he crosses their paths. If I go near him he usually runs up the closest tree where he is very good at camouflaging himself.
On a brighter note, I thought I would leave a couple of flower photos from my garden.

I love all the different sorts of iris'.

It has been such a good spring this year as far as the number and quality of flowers. There has been so many insects.


  1. Well honey I don't think i am coming over for a BBQ for awhile.... lol!!!
    The coast is just beautiful isn't it. It makes your soul seem calm for some reason as does your beautiful garden... It has been so hot the last few days I am hopeful we are not in for a long hot summer.... Thanks for sharing as always.... I hope Sam got off on his big bus trip ok.... I will miss you this week... Love Cathy xx

  2. Hi Angela, Snakes absolutely freak me out!!!! I don't think I would get a wink of sleep at your place - well certainly not if I camped out in your garden!!!! Love the other pics though. Glad you had a enjoyable time at the beach.

  3. Gee Angela, thanks again for brining back more childhood memories, of snakes!!!!!!!!! I don't know if you remember this, but one of my worst, and most often recalled nightmares was about snakes. Big fat black ones slithering over and through the wires of a chicken coop. Your chook pen !!!! (well your mothers really). I was about 10 or 11 so you would have been around about 7-8. The things you remember hey? lol. Oh yeah, and the iris are beautiful. I lost most of mine to the drought, but a few are still struggling one and trying to flower. I love to walk in garden first thing every morning to see what new and beautiful delights nature has given to me. Hope I get to see your garden soon. Love ya cuz!

  4. Nice beach photo's...
    And I don't know anything about carpet snakes...we have Rattlesnakes, & copperheads, black snakes, & lots of diffrent garter snakes...great snake shot...nice that the birds alarm you when one is around...Also, that first Iris is just the color, I have the white ones, and that a siberian iris..?
    Have a great week

  5. Hi Angela, I just discovered your blog today and am definitely coming back. I love reading Aussie bloggers. I started blogging in May too.

    I'll pop you on my blogroll, if that's OK?

  6. Hi Angela! I found your blog today from following your comment on Kate's (Our Red House) blog. Can you imagine my utter surprise to find someone in blog land who only lives 2 hours from me! Amazing. Great blog, I've enjoyed my time here, I'll be back and hope you can pop by to visit me too one day.
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  7. Oh boy am I glad I live in Sweden with only large bulls to freak me out. I hate snakes! They give me the creeps along with spiders ( the longlegged and hairy kind)and rats. I wouldn`t survive a day at your place. The garden and the flowers look absolutely lovely though. Envy, envy! We`ve had a few nights with below zero and frost. So the "real" atumn i defenitely coming soon...So when I see your beach pics I want to jump right in to my computer and land on your beach. I did some digging in my garden last weekend and planted a few bulbs....Oh I long for spring.

    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog. My daughters were very proud over the fact that someone i Australia is reading about them. The send alot of hugs right back to you!

    Love Jeanette

  8. Ooooh these pictures of the sea are making me yearn....but the tourist spots? NAH NAH NAH, we don't want any of that!
    How exciting for you to have snakes, goannas, visit you..marvelous. I would give anything to have such everyday encounters with wildlife. Thanks so much for posting these photos.

  9. Lovely to get away to the beach...but the snake...the big, BIG snake...don't know about that. :)

  10. Hi Angela,
    Oh, i snake!
    Well, i shouldn`t say it is creepy, because, in fact i like those snakes :) And i am not kidding! Well, i have been watching Animal Planet now for so many years, that i have become quite fond of them. I like them, in all shapes and sizes with different colours and patters :)
    I really love picturs of the coast, the ocean, oh i am such a water person! Just camping, fishing or relxing at the beach, it all suits me :) Lovely days you have!And how did it went with Sam?

    I have not had the time yet to make something for you. Sorry about that. I am now finnishing rest of the orders, almost ready. And then, hopefully i can start on your little gift on Sunday :) I would really have loved to speak to you in person one day, maybe at the telephone, in the future?
    Well Angela, i am a little bit tired. It is almost bedtime for me now, but i wanted to stop by, talk a little bit and then wish you a joyful weekend :) Take care! Kisses from Aina

  11. Oh, finally! I've been wanting to leave a comment, but somehow it wouldn't let me. Ooh! You managed to get very good pictures of the snake, I'd probably not be so brave. Snakes always give me the creeps, poisonous or not, I can't help it.By the way, I simply love love love the colour or your enamel jug and cupcake stand(from the last post), soooooo delicious.