Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nature's Artwork...

There are remnants in our garden of the ancient forest that once covered this area. Huge stumps of trees that once towered overhead. I feel very privileged to be the custodian of these beautiful pieces of nature's art. I love the texture of their weathered surface.
Within the crags of this beautiful stump there is new life springing forth.

There is a myriad of life in and and around the stump...insects, lizards, the odd snake and possums. And, I am quite certain that if one was to be very quiet and wait for a while the odd fairy might be seen. (Or should I say, a fairy or two, not an "odd" fairy as such.) When my oldest son Isaac was a little fellow, he would check the stump regularly for fairies. Then one day...no he didn't find one...but a spider had spun a shiny silvery web just outside the "fairy door"entrance. As the sun shone on it, it was bejewelled in a rainbow of water droplets....a sure sign of fairy dust...or so it seemed to anyone with a modicum of imagination.I also love the texture of the bark on the gum tree next to the old stump. Its girth has almost doubled since we have lived here and, if I have anything to do with it, will hopefully grow very old and become an ancient tree itself.

For now it is loved for its sculptural form, its shade and habitat and its branch that is just perfect for a swing!


  1. This is my first visit to your blog. Your photos are lovely...great shots. I love the story of birds in a stupor recovering from the ole window collision. Great blog!!

  2. Oh Angela, Your garden is sooooo beautiful - I want to have a swing on your lovely rope swing! I hope it is raining again at your house this morning.

  3. This is why I like to 'let the garden go', to let nature have it's way in the garden and to not interfere too much. It is then that you provide all these little habitats for wildlife to survive in the garden and what a beautiful presence they have. I was interested when you said you find the odd snake! I'm curious. Could you tell us about them?

  4. I must say this is one of my favourite places in your garden... There is just something magical about a swing on a branch of a tree...You can sort of remember being younger and feeling free.... That hedge is my favourite as you already know... Thanks for sharing as always my friend...

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  6. Nice post about the trees! I especially liked the close-ups of the bark. . .I could almost touch them.
    And a rope-swing! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Gorgeous photos!! I love the one of the bark up close, all that wonderful texture, and color, just beautiful!! I have fallen in love with your beautiful blog!!

  8. Thanks for your comments. Wow! Five wisterias! They must look awesome in spring!!!! The reason why I haven't got even one yet is because I haven't been able to figure out a place for it to climb, as we haven't got our patio yet, and I've always thought you needed a real patio for it to reach its full potential. However, yesterday I spotted one climbing on a lamp post, so I got hopeful and thought maybe I could get one and let it climb up somewhere.
    You're lucky to have those things in your garden, they set a nice natural and relaxing scene for the garden. The swing is my favourite too.
    Keep soldering and painting, your work is beautiful!

  9. Well if you're ever in Melbourne one time Angela, this is one place you've got to visit. Another attraction, on a similar vein is The William Ricketts Sanctuary. William RIcketts focused mainly on the indigenous peoples of Victoria, and he captured them brilliantly.

    I couldn't imagine living with so many snakes! I remember last year on a bushwalk around Sassafras, not far from where we live, we came across a Copperhead Snake sunning itself alongside the walking track.
    I, in total awe of this highly venomous creature, kept my distance,while warning my two children to do the same, and movie camera on hand, caught it all on camera. Exciting and interesting but to be respected and left alone all the same!

    Catcha later Angela.

  10. Oh natures artwotk is amazing and a constant source of inspiration for me. I so wish I could see you trees in a "live" version... Want to wet felt something that looks like the bark I think...

    Enjoy spring down under!


  11. Just passed by to see if there some news form Australia :)
    Still enjoying the Spring? I guess it looks just lovely in your garden now and i can`t wait to see more of the, for me, unusual flowers, trees and birds. LOve the nature you know :)
    I hope the days are positive Angela, sending you a hug across the ocean! Aina (",)

  12. Love your pictures, so fun to see nature from another
    lil nestle in the WORL
    smiles, Deena