Thursday, September 13, 2007

A New Book...

Pull up a chair and I'll tell you about this ever so lovely recipe book that my very generous and thoughtful friend Cathy gave me earlier this week. ( A treat for looking after Cathy's cute little goat Barbara while she is away enjoying the sun and surf.)

"At Home with Magnolia" by Alyssa Torey is a beautifully presented cook book packed full of delicious recipes that are simple to prepare and full of fresh ingredients....just what I like.

She has included pretty pictures throughout the book, not only of the food she has cooked but also of her lovely home and garden.

I can't wait to try some of the recipes!

I've been busily working away in the garden again this week and I guess, this is where I will spend most of my time creating. Oh it's been so good since it has rained to watch plants grow and flower instead of watching them deteriorate as the drought worsened.

I found this old tub at a secondhand shop recently and planted it up with Lavender "Kew Red" and English Lavender. I painted the lattice behind it and planted some sweetpeas and blue rescue. I think it will be lovely when it all grows and it will add a bit of zing to an area of the garden that has been in desperate need of a makeover.
Every year I look forward to this very hardy species tulip coming up....Tulipa saxatalis. It's from the Middle East I believe and so it can take a lot more heat and dry than the normal species. It also spreads under the ground and so the clump is slowly getting bigger. I don't ever water or feed it and up it comes every year without fail...THAT is my kind of plant!


  1. It was a very lovely book and I know you will enjoy a lot of the recipe and hopefully share some back with me...If only everyone could see all your garden at once... Maybe you should take a little video for people - smile... I am soooo glad we are friends... Take care Cathy

  2. Oh Angela your garden is so lovely! Please do a video - " The grand tour of Angelas garden" An Oscar winner I`m sure ! I love recipe books as well. Especially if they tell a bit more than just the recipe. When I visit a new country I always buy a cook book. A great memory even if you don`t use the recipies.

    Have a lovely day in the garden!


  3. Angela I think you enjoy teasing us..... Your garden is looking so beautiful, I love the chair in the garden. I must get brave and tackle some painting. The book looks divine!!! I hope the goat behaves itself!!!!!

  4. Thanks for letting me in for a glimpse of your beautiful garden!
    There was just one thing missing on the chair- you!(I wonder what the mysterious Angela Louise looks like)
    The flower of the 'tulipa' looks pretty, would be such a pleasure to see it bloom year after year - glad to hear it grows 'slowly'! My little girl Camille adores flowers, so much so that every afternoon coming home from school, she stops to pick all the flowers she can find growing along the front of peoples properties - makes for a LOOOONG walk home!

  5. Dear Angela Louise,
    First of all, thank you ever so much for such a long and lovely message!! I was totally blown away to read all the kind words you have to say about my work and my little world. It really feels like i have met a true friend out there, a friend that appreciate med for who i am, what i do and gives me support and inspirations. I couldn`t ask for more and it gives me the best feeling ever!! I wish you could see how happy i am reading all this :) :) :)
    I would really love to make something for you, a small little gift. Maybe one of those little Pillown with olive-print, filled with Lavender? It seemed like you really liked those :)Just tell me what you would like :) Maybe a Europeian Interior magazine?
    Yes i would lso love to receive one of your work, a charm. I am very fond of little birds, something Vintage..i would be happy with anything you make :) So exiting!
    I see that the springtime has been visiting your garden, Beautiful Lavender in an old sink tub, it look so pretty! Yes, i am very fond of sink myself, and ofcourse the old ones :) I didn`t even know you had tulips over there!! It is so Europeian. Well, i am living in the country of the tulips, don`t i? haha..Fun to see pictures from your new book,i hope you will trie some of the recipies? Unfortunately i am not that good in making delicious cakes, but i do enjoy looking at all the pictures :) I hope the weekend is enjoyable and that the weather is good. Yesterday i was watching the news and could see that it was very hot in Brisbane, Queensland. Well, very hot for an Europeian we have a very sunny day with 22 degrees. Lovely day. We are cleaning up the backyard removing rest of the old wodden boards and driving them to the rubbish dump, i think that`s the name of it. (Excuse my bad English) We have used what we could use of it, have left two boards for another shelf for outside. Well, i have to go now. I wish you a very nice weekend and do send me an e-mail for name and address. A big hug and lots of love from Aina x

  6. Such pretty pictures. The Magnolia Bakery book looks lovely. So nice to stop in a visit this morning.

  7. What a lovely book! I can understand you were happy getting this present. The pictures in it would (maybe?) even make me enjoy cooking dinner LOL.
    Love Elzie

  8. I'm glad to hear your recommendation for this book. I've had my eye on it. I have their other cookbook and have enjoyed it. I will put this one on my wishlist.