Monday, October 27, 2008

Shabby Find

Wandered over to our local markets yesterday and found this wonderfully pink, shabby, cane rocking chair. The stall that I bought it from (should have a picture!) is full of all manner of shabby things in the prettiest colours. Beautiful old tablecloths, china and pieces of furniture. I could honestly say that I love everything she sells.
I spotted the rocking chair from afar and was immediately drawn to it. I didn't have to think twice when John said, "Do you want to get it?" YEY!
It is going to live on our little back, shady deck but we are in the process of painting it so I thought it would be lovely to sit in up in the top garden....AND it sure was!


  1. How lucky were you that John asked if you wanted it?? Lucky you.
    It looks so pretty.

  2. Just love your new rocker - Brendon hinted at going yesterday and I didn't take him up on the offer - silly me!

  3. That is gorgeous!!! Very Angela I think. Your garden is sooooooooo green, unbelievable it is like we live in 2 different planets some times, not 10 minutes away....Will miss you this week if we don't get to see each other...Luv cxxx

  4. John is kind
    John is good
    he really says what he should!!

    Lucky girl x

  5. Hi, I'm new to your blog and it will be a favorite from now on. Your photos have such contrast, do you Photoshop them? I love the white borders. Your whole blog is done so well. It has a different look than most. Thanks for sharing. Peggy from PA

  6. Hi dear Angela!

    Your blog look so beautiful!! I love the new Layout and I am so glad to "see" you! Beautiful picture of you :)
    Wonderful to stop by again, and I am so happy to see more of those pretty garden pictures. The chair is very special and as Cathy say, very much you! Pink is very much a summer colour, and it is lovely to see your garden in full blossom. Strange to know that here it is almost winter now. A few places the snow has fallen, I am just waiting for it to happen here. This morning is was -2, that is cold!brrr...I am used to the Dutch temteratures now you know. So this winter is going to be interesting, as we can expect temperatures down to 20 belove zero! OH!
    I have to enjoy your pictures as much that I can to keep me happy and warm :)

    I really love the Australian country, the natures diversity, the special animals and the sunny way of life.

    How are you these days? Are you in a crafty mood? What are you doing/making? Are you still working together with Cathy?
    Did we forget about the swap? yes, we did :) No I didn`t...Do you celebrate Christmas? I could send you something for Christmas as I still have something here for both of you. Incredible that it take more than a year for it to end up where it should be.
    What do you think?

    Enjoy rest of your week friend, take care and speak to you really soon!

    Ps: Send Cathy my greetings

    Hugs Aina

  7. That's beautiful! And looks pretty comfy, too.

    Kimberly :)

  8. Dear Angela!
    What a lovely rocker! And a perfect color to match your roses too. Naturally I turn a shade of envious green - my usual color when reading your blog and watching your beautiful, beautiful garden. I can watch the pictures over and over again. The more I watch the greener I get. I will be looking like Shrek in a minute or two...You are one talented gardener Angela! Among all other creative and good things that you are. Oh I SO wish I could visit you in IRL. Maybe that flying carpet will do the trick...

    Lots of love to you my dear blog friend