Wednesday, October 1, 2008

School Holidays

We have been enjoying school holidays the past one and a half weeks. Late nights, catching up with family, sleepovers and the odd outing. AND best of all, NO SCHOOL LUNCHES to make. I don't know why I dislike it SO much but I do. Could be something to do with the fact that I often skip lunch so having to make everyone else's....yuk. Sounds rather pathetic really.

We had a bit of a snow storm, or should I say, blossom storm on the back deck one evening. It was such a pretty sight. There was a mean wind during the night and we awoke to snow and mist swirling about the garden in a very magical way. The sun was starting to come up so all the water droplet lined spider webs were like jewelled nets throughout the garden....PRETTY!
We had mum and dad's new little dog, Ellie, stay with us for the first week . She's such a cute little thing but obviously felt very guilty about sleeping in one of my little gardens. She's also a little camera shy which didn't help. I had such a hard time getting a photo of her. I managed to get the meter box painted with the chalkboard paint. Unfortunately the day was hot and windy so the paint was drying too fast and now there are a few blotchy bits in it. Oh well, it will do. Next time I think I'll wait for a better day. Live and learn.
Happy days, Angela.


  1. I adore these photos of your garden especially the longer view of the love seat going of up /down the garden....wonderful idea for the meter are so clever...will remember that tip when we move.....have a fab wekend

  2. hey honey
    I can't believe they are nearly over I can't wait for the Christmas ones....Wow the meter box looks incredible, very, very good idea... I just adore that love seat...Hope you have had a good break as there is going to be heaps of work on in the next few weeks (LOL!!!)...Luv ya C xx

  3. What a lovley many beautiful photos..i like your flower-picqtures very much...//Best wishes from AngelPearls Eva

  4. Ahh MY photos? Look at you! Lovely blog & I'm so glad you stopped by and said led me to you:) thanks!& Nice to meet ya!

  5. Hi Angela louise....thanks for your encouragment it is great to think you stop by and see how things go....can't wait to see how you get on....happy backgrounding...x

  6. Thanks! Nice to meet you too. I'll come back for a visit again soon // Eva

  7. Dearest Angela!
    I have neglected you terribly! I miss you so much when I am not able to do my usually frequent visits to blogland. I so enjoyed the pictures from your beautiful garden. Makes me envious as usual but also very inspired. Thank god it`s ages to spring....I have a long time for planing and dreaming. Planing and dreaming is always the best part. The acual getting down to digging and weeding part is a lot less fun. I suppose thats why my garden sort of stayes in the dreaming stage... Anyway plenty of time yet...

    Wish you a lovely holiday with your family and the dogs ( such cuties)

    Lots of love to you my dear, dear friend