Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Rain and Gardens

I'm sure that everyone knows by now that once spring comes AND we have had some good rain, I can't help but post about the garden.
Everything is starting to flourish now. We had just started to get very dry here and I was starting to get a little sad about my poor plants trying to push out their new spring growth with no moisture to support it. Some years the new growth has been scorched off....VERY SAD!
It seems by these photos that I only grow pink flowers but you can be sure that I have a garden full of every imaginable colour.
Down in the picking garden, the globe artichokes are starting to look very architectural with their deeply cut large grey leaves. It so exciting when they start to bud but I must confess that I find it very hard to pick the main bud to eat as the flowers are so miraculous. A giant purple thistle!

They do taste good though done in garlic butter. Oh the dilemma!

Yesterday I finally managed to mulch the vegetables to keep that lovely rain in the ground for a little longer. It really makes a difference especially when the temperature starts to soar.

The young bean plants are getting a real grow on now and the herbs are looking nice and fresh.

Back to the garden for me. Have a happy week, A.


  1. Oh Angela - your garden is looking so beautiful. I think you got quite a bit more rain than us - but 20mm was a wonderful help here! Your photos are just lovely.Hope you are having a happy day :-)

  2. Those roses are really divine....and your veg look amazing...will feel sad for you tho as I know how it is once the summer comes....make some rose petal butter and that will keep you thinking of that beautiful scent....toodleoooo

  3. Thanks for your encouraging comment about the backround ...needs some more work...havn't quite worked out the sizes yet...always something to do non which is easy...till soon x

  4. Ohhh, what a lovely garden you have.
    Was talking to my friend in Brisbane yesterday and it's so weird that you have spring/summer now...
    Love your photos.

  5. You have the most wonderful garden! I long to have a garden and a vege patch and hopefully will be able to make this happen when I move house. Great photos!

  6. Here I am sitting in a cold, grey and rainy Sweden thinking of warmers days....So glad I took a trip over to your place for some sun and flowers... The beautiful pictures give me strength to keep on working a couple of hours more. So my boss should really be happy about this right? Me taking a quick sneak-peek at your garden :-) Wish I was there in IRL though!

    Have a lovely weekend

  7. Your garden looks amazing!
    Those gorgeous flowers and the artichikes. I'd probably pick a few to eat and let the rest go to flower.

    Kimberly :)

  8. Hi Angela...Prety please could you tell me hoe you managed get up your photos so big...I have been wanted to much larger photos but the uplaod box only seems to allow the sizes I have got...i guess i need to change it in the HTML but nor sure which part....please help!!! x

  9. It's a lovley garden - and wonderful pink roses! Lucky you to have spring over there - we have autumn, and there's nearly no flowers left in the garden..(I'm happy to look to your lovley pictures)Have a nice week// Eva

  10. Oh My! These photos are soooooo beautiful. Please tell me what camera you use. xoxo