Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well spring has arrived so Poppy and I have been enjoying as much time outside as we can. Fortunately, this has amounted to quite a bit of time as I have mostly been at home this week and the days are now longer. So much better than in winter.

This is a little screeny sort of thing that I made (with John's help) to hide some of the workings below the electricity meter- never a very pretty place. I'm actually considering painting the actual front of the meter box in chalkboard paint so I can write some more of my favourite quotes on it as it is in the area of my new loveseat. What do you think?

I will gradually add more things to the screen as appropriate and I'm sure that it will soon be just right.

Happy Spring and Autumn, Angela.


  1. Hi Angela - Aren't we having the most beautiful days. I hope we get some more of the rain they are predicting. You are so creative - always something lovely to look at. Are they Freesias in the little bottle? I must plant some of those next year! Happy gardening!

  2. love the idea of that screen...what clever thinking.....will have to keep that in my memery box for when i might need something like that....thanks for sharing....your dog is soooo cute....have agreat weeekend

  3. Lovely screen, I think it's a wonderful idea. I've been looking at old window screens at one shop and my, they cost an arm and a leg. Somebody has already caught on the trend and are making heaps of money out of them. It's so good you can make it yourselves.

  4. Hey sweetie
    Well it looks even better in real life...Thank you for letting me sit in your gorgeous little house and have a cuppa the other day it was so beautiful and peaceful there...I can certainly imagine why you want to spend most of your days there....Love Cath xxxxxxxxx

  5. Dearest Angela!
    I think that was a great idea! Painting it with chalkboard paint I mean. A great way of turning something that is "not very pretty" into being pretty. Oh you know what I mean :-)

    I`ve had a busy week too. My new job keeps me on my toes so to speak but I like it very much. Johanna is getting along just fine at her new school and it feels like she went from being 16 to 18 in just a few weeks. Emma likes the new peace and calm that has entered the house and as it is a lot less teenage quarrels at home she is more happy and socialable than before. And she misses her sister....which is a good thing ;-)

    Autumn is coming along here and with it the lovely crisp air and the beautiful colors. So I am not at all envious of your spring....Sorry, that was a big fat lie of course!

    Lots of love to you my friend!

  6. Love the screen and yes, paint that box with chalk paint... what a wonderful idea!

    I am also loving this gorgeous spring weather, just so beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  7. Angela what a fabulous screen.
    Love the blackboard paint idea!!
    Thank goodness Spring has finally arrived for us Aussie girls.

  8. hi angela...found your GORGEOUS blog .. on blog that idea of the screening,..looks very french chic to me!! my favourite!!
    and your doggie is gorgeous..and YES SPRING is it..
    shall pop back..(just have to work out how to put fav blogs along my sidebar...have tried again just before but it never works!).
    take care...andrea

  9. Ohhhhhhhhhh what cuteness, furry & otherwise!

    M ^..^

  10. How creative you are! And a good photographer too. Just found you through another blog. I'll come back for another visit soon!