Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Out in the Garden Again!

It's such a beautiful day once again that I feel I must go out in the garden.

A quick dash around the house first so that all is well when I do finally wander wearily back inside.

Every winter/spring I look forward to the arrival of polyanthus in the nurseries. They are such pretty, "happy"flowers and remind me that spring is soon to be upon us.

This year, I had this lovely little glasshouse ( a gift ) to keep my polyanthus happy. I think it may have helped when we had sleet last week. Sleet is not something that we usually have in this part of the world. Boy was it COLD!


  1. Your little glasshouse is so sweet Angela and the polyanthus look great in it. It is so nice to have had some lovely winter days but last week was such a shock to us all!

  2. Hello Angela!
    I love the little glasshouse~adorable!
    And the polyanthus are beautiful,something I haven't grown yet!:)
    Hope it's not too cold..hard to imagine winter after looking at your gorgeous garden pics! It
    is hot,& humid here~dog days have begun!
    Enjoy your week!

  3. Very, very pretty my dear friend....luv c xxxx

  4. Dear Angela!
    Your garden looks so beautiful. We have had a really warm and dry period here so my garden is all yellow and dry. Looking at your lovely pics made me feel so much better. Yesterday it rained all day and more is promised so hopefully my garden will perk up alittle before autumn is over us.

    Lots of love

  5. Hello, Angela!

    You glass house is lovely. Is it like a mini green house that you leave outside? Your flowers are what I think I would call a primrose....

    Have a happy day!

  6. the poly's look great in their glass house and yes they are happy little flowers I love them....

  7. What a cute liitle glass house. Your polyanthus look so bright and cheery in there

  8. I love your glasshouse, I live in Brisbane and was wondering if you know where I could purchase one?