Monday, August 18, 2008

Who are the People in Your Neighbourhood?

My lovely neighbour Sonja stopped by the other day with this beautiful bunch of roses for me in appreciation for taking care of one of her little ones (she has five) for a couple of hours. How nice is that?!
Our neighbours are some of the nicest and most interesting people that you will ever come across. We all get on like a house on fire. You know, one of those neighbourhoods where it's not unusual to get a phone call asking for a cup of sugar, or "do you have sage growing in your garden?"and the occasional, "I think I just saw your little Timmy (our Shetland) in Jay-Jays he supposed to be there?".

I think because we are all on five acre lots out of town we all seem to be "doing" people who have come to the same conclusions about how life should be....raising a family on the edge of the bush with plenty of space to do things for kids and adults alike.
There's a fitter and turner and an engineer who are forever inventing and actually making whatever they dream up and want to have a go at. They are very successful at what they do. There's a physiotherapist, a retired English professor (I had better spell that correctly) and a retired panel beater who does up old cars and racing cars and is so fastidious that you could eat off his shed floor.....if you wanted to that is.
Then there are the gardeners. Almost everyone along our end of the street love gardening on a grand scale and so were drawn to the size of our blocks. The soil is friable and volcanic and the climate is quite mild. We often get more rain along this range than places just 10 kilometres either side of us. AND we get fog which also helps to keep the place wetter.

It's a quiet road where families meet up for barbeques or tennis and bike riding on the road. A place where happy memories are made. And its name? What else but....HAPPY VALLEY ROAD.


  1. Hi Angela sounds like Happey Valley Road is the perfect place to be raising a family.

  2. From one who has visited - Angela's beautiful home and garden is certainly a little piece of heaven. I think you have most definately got it absolutley right Angela!

  3. Oh! These roses scream prettiness and are an embodiment of beauty!!!! Wow! You're very blessed indeed, with such a strong sense of community, it sounds so much like how life is supposed to be, like years ago when we didn't have to lock the doors at night, that sort of thing.

  4. Hi dear Angela!!

    First of all, LOVE your new Layout!! Wonderful colours..
    Sorry for responding so late my friend,but things has veen very hectic around here. But now most of the important things are finnished and we are ready to start "our new life".
    I was not only surprised but also very happy to hear from you again!It is almost like a dear friend who`s stopping by :)
    I see that you are more active in blogworld these days. Does it mean that it is winter over there? (I think you did mentioned it?)
    During the summertime there are so much fun to do, beyond staying inside in front of the computer, right?
    Your surrounding are like a heaven for me, I love the countryside with lots of green areas, trees and not to over-populated. No wonder that you are feeling that you are living your best life in Happy Valley Road!! This is just how it should be you know. People that are actually talking to another, helping and looking after. I love that! Where we lived in The Netherland everyone were so busy, they never stopped to say hello and I didn`t even knew who most of my neighbours were! Here it is a different story. We have already become good friends with our Landlord and lady, and yesterday we were playing a game in the garden and we also made a bonfire. How wondereful isn`t that?
    What a beautiful and colourful bouquet of flowers you received! Incredible how someone can reach and touch your heart. My mother ones said : "take good care of people like that, they are not growing like leafs on the trees"!

    How`s work these days?
    Before I left Holland we made an agreement to have a swap didn`t we? I did make something for both of you (and Cathy), but I never got the chance to finnish it. Are you still happy to have a swap?

    Take good care my friend And see you really soon!
    Hugs from Aina

  5. Hi Angela
    thanks for your comforting words....will try as you suggest.....
    your home area sounds wonderful a real blessing for sure and how i would delight in meeting all your neihbours...they sound so inspiring as you was the photos of your garden that attracted me to your blog as well as the thought of one day returning to Oz....we have a Happy Valley Road in WA as well must be an Oz thing too.....anyway have a good week....the roses are a wonderful thought...always a delight to receive...
    till soon x

  6. OK, you convinced me... I'm moving there - sounds lovely. Happy for you. LindaSonia

  7. Hello Angela!
    Sounds like the pefect neighborhood, & perfect neighbors!~We are secluded, surrounded by national forest,with a long private drive, so my neighbors are deer,raccoons, squirrels,the occasional bear...:) My neighbors eat my roses!:)
    A wonderful gesture your neighbor~giving you the roses for your kind deed! They are beautiful, and you have beautifully captured them!:)
    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!

  8. Yes, you are very lucky my friend but I know you would be the perfect neighbour to have with a heart of gold...These photos are just gorgeous, I especially like the last one.... Luv cxxxx