Monday, August 11, 2008

Market Days

Look at these beautiful pinks John bought for me at the Sunday market! Despite the day being rather cold, we ventured out quite early (while the kids were still in bed I might add) for a leisurely walk around the markets. Because of the wealth of fresh fruit and vegetables the place is just buzzing with people even from early in the day. It's also good for old wares/junk and plants. In fact, I think I've probably bought most of my plants at the market. Many of which are sold by little old ladies and gentlemen. These are the sorts of old-fashioned plants that you can't even find in nurseries.
John found for himself an old chair just right for at his little desk. It's an ex-government one and has a rusty old plaque on the back proudly boasting the fact.
Lastly, a quick snap of the oh-so-wonderful little laptop that I now have that has made blogging and life so much easier.
I also love to move furniture around and always did even as a little girl. It can take a lot of mental gymnastics to come up with a satisfactory change when room is limited and there's an unmovable fireplace in the way. So this is where my desk ended up and I hope one day soon to have an inspiration board on the wall above it as it is somewhat bare at the moment.
Bye for now, Angela.


  1. Hi Angela, What a great chair! What cold weather we are having - just when I thought spring was just around the corner - I think it tricks us every year.

  2. Dear Angela!
    It sounds like a wonderful morning. Beautiful flowers and great chair! I would have liked one of those. And now I can picture you sitting at your lovely desk with your great new laptop writing posts and suddenly you feel so much nearer!

    Lots of love to you my dear friend!

  3. I adore that chair....what a fab are so lucky to get something so unique....well are soooo pretty and I know just what you mean about being able to find plants at markets that cannot be had in nursries....part of the fun is the looking a!!! have agreat day...cheers for now..

  4. Hi, Angela,
    I too love buying fruit and vegies at markets, simply fab. They are certainly the most gorgeous blushing pink flowers, very pretty. Funny I've just done some moving in my living room too, it keeps our house looking fresh, haha! Love your blog's new look.

  5. Angela what a fabulous chair.
    Oh you are so lucky to have the laptop. I keep on hinting that i would love one too!!

  6. Beautiful pink flowers! Great old chair! ~Old wares, junk,& kinda place! :)
    Enjoy your new laptop, I too like to move furniture around, and have a fire place/in the middle of the room...making it difficult~but maybe the challenge is part of the fun! :)
    I love the cherub standing behind your laptop...and the inspiration board is a wonderful idea, ~mine is in my gardening shed~and I love it so~ I am thinking of making another one for in my kitchen, maybe...where I can look up and enjoy it everyday!
    Great post Angela, always fun to visit!
    Stay warm!