Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Times

Yes, I am still here!

I'm sorry for neglecting everyone but I do have a good excuse.

My dear John has been on 4 months long service leave and it has thus far been quite a wet winter. Needless to say, I have been enjoying John's company maybe a little too much at the expense of time spent with my friends and I have also been in the garden most days.

Oh but what fun I have been having!

I'm afraid that I have been reading everyone's blogs but in my haste have not been commenting. So brace yourselves....any day now I will, in theory, have a lovely chat to everyone. Something that I have missed.

This weekend my oldest son Isaac will be turning 17 so I think I'm in for a busy, but fun, one. I always look forward to spoiling the kids on their birthdays and often do things that you would probably normally do for a much younger child. When I was putting some party things through the checkout recently for Sam and Erica's 13th and 15th birthdays, the checkout boy said, "A party this week hey? Let me it for a 7 and 9 year old?!"Oh well they don't seem to get embarrassed about it and they're only kids for such a short time.

Speaking of Isaac's birthday, I'd best be off and hit the shops.

Happiness to you, Angela.


  1. Lovely to hear from you Angela. So glad you have been having such a great time with John on leave. How has the list of things to do been coming along? We are just about to hit birthday month here, so I know what you mean about getting organised for these children! A lovely rainy day - the plants are just loving it (and so am I)! So glad you shared a post today - such a lovely surprise!

  2. P.S. What is the plant in your tub?

  3. Well my friend I have been taking up a lot of your spare time as well (LOL!!!)...Have the best, fun weekend with that gorgeous family or yours..Isaac is truly a lovely young man of which you should be extremely proud (and I know you are)... Save me a piece of that yummy big cake... Your giggle partner....C xxxx

  4. time with familu is precious...glad all okay....have super birthday celebrations...

  5. Hi Angela, what fun - family birthdays. Always special.

  6. Hi Angela! Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! I'm late but...happy birthday to your Isaac! My son is 17 too! You have a stunning garden and beautiful plants! I like the white flowers in the zinc basin too!!! This is my last week before summer holidays...I'm tired and I hope to relax for some days! I'd like to have your nice blog in my favourites...can I link you???
    I hope to hear from you again!
    Have a great day!

  7. Somestimes you energy doesn´t keep up with all our good intentions, the important thing is not to feel guilty. My daughters name is also Erica and she just turned 12:-) I am a swedish woman living in Singapore, where I try to build up a new home for me and my family, feel free to visit:-)


  8. Dear Angela!
    Welcome back! I have missed you terribly! And thanks for the advice on my roses. I think they are soon to meet their maker.....but can`t really bring myself to dig them up. Have to gather some courage first.

    Family birthdays is a very special thing. My youngest turned teenager the 24 of july. Does that mean that I am also 13 years older??? Scary thought!!! My oldest ( 16) are going to study horsemanship ( and social science) this autumn and is going to a boarding school. It`s not very far from our country house but I will still have only one kid at home during the weeks. Strange!

    Lots of love to you my dear friend!