Monday, July 30, 2007

Strawberries, Roses and Birthday Celebrations...

Yet another birthday celebration on the weekend. My oldest son Isaac turned 16. Time to start looking at getting his learner's permit! Could he really be that old already? It doesn't seem that long ago he was just a very cute two year old. He was the funniest little fellow, always stopping people in the street for a chat...he seemed to have an affinity for elderly people. On many occasions he was described as having an old soul. The doctor thought that Isaac might be a politician or the like as he certainly had the gift of conversing.You wouldn't know now that he had been such a chatterbox as he's quite reserved and quiet.
I baked a Victorian mocha sponge for his birthday cake....filled it with raspberry jam and cream...topped it with strawberries and cream.

Despite the cold weather we have been having some of my old tea roses are still in full bloom
and are looking quite the picture. I picked a lovely bunch of Archiduke Joseph to fill a new enamel jug I had bought on Friday. There is always a lot of debate as to whether Archiduke is a different rose to Monsieur Tillier but I believe they are different roses because I grow both and the flowers take on different colours under the same weather conditions. They are both very beautiful and very easy to grow.


  1. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.... Your cakes always look soooooooo good... Even with a sore throat I think I could still have a piece of that.... and your roses well what can I say... Just Beautiful, you are a remarkable person..... Love ya

  2. Nothing better thank cream and strawberries on cake, it looks delicious. Beautiful roses too!

  3. yum, that looks wonderful!
    Happy Birthday to your son, did you save us all a piece of cake?

    Your roses are gorgeous, absolutely stunning!
    It has been a joy to visit your blog.:)

  4. Yummy...Your cake looks delish!
    Enjoy your sons special bday...

  5. Hurrah! I am finaly connected with the outher world from the renovation site...It takes forever with my laptop but oh joy! Mmmmm the strawberries and candy looks yummy! I understand your thoughts perfectly - my daughter turned 15 in april and I just don`t know how she went from newlyborn to teenager that quickly! I suppose that means that I`m 15 years older just as quickly...

    Scary about the lack of water. If I coluld just send you some of my rain...

    Thank you for all your kind comments on my blog! I am so glad to have a friend on the other side og the world!!!!


  6. Hi Angela Louise!
    Nice to visit your blog again and today was a very special day, indeed! Congratulation with your sons birthday yesterday! I am glad i have been "invited" to share this fantastic well done and delicious cake! Jum, oh, it tasted just mmm..amazing! Haha..yes i just love strawberries with wipped cream, one of my favourite desserts :)) And as i see, your son too..So nice to hear that you still can enjoy your lovely garden with roses.They are so pretty :) How cold is cold? I mean, for me 5 degrees is cold, but for you i guess cold means something else ?
    Anyway, wish you a fun week! Aina ;)

  7. You're a good cook by the looks. That cake looks scrumptious, and healthy to boot! Best wishes to your son on his sixteenth birthday! Won't be long and my son will reach the same milestone - boy time travels fast!
    Love Andrea

  8. Oh, Angela, can you show us you're antique toolchest/art materials case at some point? I'd love to see it!

  9. Hello Angela, dear cousin. Love checking out your blog. You surely are creative, must run in the family! I'd love to catch up with you properly one day and maybe exchange a piece craft/artwork. Even when you do a lot of your own arts and crafts its always nice to have other things around you that others have created. Love and best wishes to you all over there.