Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Magazines

  I'm so excited! Look what turned up in my mail today. YAY! 
Such beautiful magazines jam packed full of inspiration. It's so wonderful to see some of my blog ladies (aka ladies that write the blogs that I frequent and so I feel like I know them) in print. Oh their photos are so pretty. I have only flicked through them so far but will have to find some time to have a good read of them.
 Other than that excitement, my day has been....cleaning, washing, gardening, eating, packaging, gardening, doing some photography, gardening and ...oh, did I mention...gardening! Yes, I have been doing a load of that. I was SUPPOSE to be making charms BUT it is starting to feel a bit like Spring and as you all know, there's no better place to be on a Spring-ish day than in the garden. Smiles, Angela.

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  1. Some new pics?