Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Down time...

 The busier life gets, the more I feel like some time to play with flowers and to do a little creating.
I do create things all the time but there comes a point where I need to stop and create something for me. Something that I have had in my mind for ages and, in the midst of all the chaos and creating for the shop, 
haven't been able to get to. So, that's just what I have been doing.
In the process.....I have discovered something. I have often created in the past with how something should be from what I see in my head instead of really looking at what I am working with. It was like this with my flower arrangements and now, suddenly, I am discovering that combining flowers is a lot like doing a painting. It's not what flowers you put in the bouquet, it's which ones you don't use. Sticking to a pallet of similar hues and gentle colours. I have to admit that I came to this conclusion after a great deal of studying the very exquisite bouquets within the beautiful pages of Jeanne d'Arc Living.
 I'm afraid the light in the room wasn't good enough to capture the sheer beauty of this bouquet with it's vintage yellow pinks and creams. Perhaps I will try again tomorrow...


  1. Hi I have tryed leaving a message on the shop blog and it won't work I would like to purchase a copy of the Autumn jeanne d' Arc Living mag
    do you have any left. Lisa Inn Country

  2. Hi Angela, just discovered your blog today by pure chance, co-incidence is that my fabulous magazine has arrived today too ~ thankyou!!
    alicia :)