Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vintage Paper Keepsakes created new studio!!!!!

I love Sundays.....a day when I get to do what I like : )
I have spent most of the day in my new studio room creating, among other things, vintage paper keepsakes. These go beautifully under cloches. I have had an order for these for a while now so it is SO good to get them done. In my new studio I have a very lovely large trestle table that John has just finished making me so I can spread everything out and create like a mad man!

 My roses have been flowering beautifully this season and I have decided that they are a must in the the right colours and tones of course. This is the very beautiful, girlie looking, soft pink Souvenir de la Malmaison 1843. It has a pure rose scent. 
I have been very inspired by this exquisite book that I received in the mail this week. "Timeless Shabby" by Sonja Bannick and Stefanie Rathjens is in German but none the less a wonderful book of inspiration and very worthwhile having. I have an extra one for $50 if anyone would like one and I will be ordering more if anyone would like to preorder on my shop blog. 
Now I'm off to put some washing on the line that should have been done ages ago. Oh well, you have to create when you get the urge...things go better that way. Stay tuned for some studio photos and some much awaited wedding photos.
Have a good week!


  1. Oh love, love, love!! - You are such a clever lady. I can't wait to see pics of both the wedding and your lovely new space - I take it because of the wedding you have the space?

  2. It was lovely to pop in and see you at your beautiful shop on Saturday and hear your news. Can't wait to see wedding pics. So happy for you to have your new creative space to potter and play in! Blessings from Barb