Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Living Room

Some living area photos as promised :)
 It is only a small area but we somehow manage with the five of us. Luckily we are a close knit family. Hey maybe that's because we live in a small house! I still need to finish painting and the very nasty yellow vinyl needs replacing as do the light fittings but it's a start.
 Because I'm a nature girl at heart I have been trying to include elements such as plants, botanicals and natural linens and things. These very beautiful egg book plates just arrived from the US yesterday and I can't wait to get them on the wall.
 After being very inspired by a wonderful company called Twig who create the most extraordinary moss terrariums, I rushed outside and found the nicest moss to fill a container. I have always had a love of moss....for some reason...not quite sure. Now I need to get a cloche that fits so my chest coffee table doesn't keep getting moldy. 
 I must say that over the last couple of months that I have had a very bad addiction to blogland. I can't seem to stop looking at pictures of living rooms...I'm sure John is getting a little jealous of the computer! It does help cement in my head though the sort of look that I like. I thought that it would be mostly a lighter shade of pale but as it turns out, I have been having a love affair with earthy browns on white with a dash of colour added in. And textures...and....would you believe it....boats? It may also have something to do with watching "Message in a Bottle" for the very first time. Can you believe that! FIRST TIME EVER! Why did I not know this movie was a visual feast?! Such beautiful shots. No one told me what I was missing out on. Sad ending though :(
 I have made a little canvas and muslin curtain to divide off my little work area. I love the feel at night when the little lamp is on shining behind the muslin  and we are all in the lounge talking or watching our favourite shows....all safe and sound and content. I never knew that one little curtain could change the mood of a room so much...feels quite romantic. I tossed up whether to make it out of muslin or not but it is so perfect for that spot. It divides but doesn't block the light and gives a light airiness that can't be achieved with any other fabric.
 These beautiful Redoute prints belonged to my very dear Aunty whom I lost Dec 2009. My very generous dad made the frames for them...he always does such quick and neat work. You can't see here but there are eight on the wall in total. I just love them.
I have really been enjoying myself redoing this room...something that I have been thinking about for quite some time and have realized that life's short and there's no use just sitting around thinking about it. The time to do things is now. I love the line in one of the Waifs songs..."Now is the time that will not come again". So true.
Let's make all days count. They are such beautiful days here at the moment:)