Monday, April 18, 2011

these Jeanne D'arc pillow covers. They are the most beautiful linen and feel divine with a feather insert. I'm trying to add more texture and comfort in the living area and these are just perfect.


  1. Angela, Your shop is my most favourite shoppe - in the world! I read about your 'flying solo' news this afternoon on the shop blog and I do so hope you continue. I have just stumbled accross this cloche on Etsy tonight (while looking for a cloche hat!) and thought it may help with your moss terrarium!
    With all the best wishes for you and your divine white shop.
    Cate M

  2. Thanks so much Cate for such a lovely comment and thank you for the link. It is an exciting journey that I am on and I am looking forward to seeing what's around the next corner. Angela

  3. Oh wow Angela, change it is for you. Enjoy the transition with the shop Isn't there a saying 'change is good'
    Love these pillows