Monday, September 13, 2010

Spring is here!

Spring is definitely here!

We've had lovely rain and the plants are putting on a fabulous display this year. If only I had more time to enjoy it. Oh well, I'm having fun playing shops and creating charms so I'm a happy girl anyway. Busy, busy. Just popped in briefly and will stay longer next time I'm around.
Hope all is well with everyone.


  1. Hi Angela, What beautiful rain we have had. It is so lovely to have almost full tanks. The garden has certainly appreciated it. Your blossom trees must be spectacular!! Happy Spring to you!

  2. Hi Angela, when I saw you had a post I just knew it would be something beautiful from your garden.
    Have fun 'playing shops' with Cathy must be nearly as much fun as 'playing house'

  3. Hello there ,
    I was just happily surfing the web when I came upon your lovely blog page .
    Your photos are quite beautiful, and they are very uplifting .
    Here in England the glories of Summer are waning into memory ; as the peace and stillness of Autumn begins to flush the trees with gold .
    How the turning seasons bring their particular joys ......

    Please forgive my unsolicited comment : I believe in dropping a pebble of random kindness into the pool of our world in the hope that the ripples will spread ever outwards .
    Time and the Internet tide wait for no man .
    Farewell, and all the very best of success in your endeavours
    Be well , dear lady .
    Geoffrey Rodley .