Sunday, September 19, 2010


Erica's final major artworks for year 12- I LOVE them!

We've had a lovely spring makeover in the shop this week. I love the garden feel!
Typewriter necklaces and french olive oil soap.
Our beautiful new cushions from Poland on my old miner's couch that I hold very dear to me. It was my dear Aunty Frances'who I lost last December.

Beautiful blue hydrangeas- they make my heart sing!
I have had so much fun this week. There are so many things that surround us that can make us smile. So many reasons to many things to appreciate. I love Erica's recent makes me smile...not just because of the finished creation but the very thought that my little girl has grown up into a beautiful young lady who can put her mind to anything and achieve so many amazing things. I think she probably has my stubborn streak. She is nearing the end of her school years and she could not have done better. I can't wait until she can relax for a while before she starts uni and give her pretty little head a rest.
Another reason to smile...
 Cathy's and my lovely shop. I think I need to pinch myself sometimes. There is so much beauty around us that I sometimes can't believe how fortunate I am.  And what a great friend I have in that girl!! I love the giggling days that we spend in the shop.
Spring always makes me feel grateful,


  1. Right back at you gorgeous friend of mine and you should be extremely proud of Erica's gorgeous art work...The photos look amazing!!!! I might need to take you in my suitcase in 8 weeks as a whole month without you sounds a little sad!!! Have a lovely few days at the coast and I will see you Sunday :)

  2. Congragulations to Erica, what beautiful work. The shop looks lovely, as always. Hopefully, I can call in next weekend to say hello! A happy wet Spring day to you!

  3. Angela what wonderful work Erica has done - obviously inherited your artistic streak.
    Love those cushions you have in the shop.
    Thanks for sharing Erica's art with us

  4. love the chair your daughter did, so clever ,you must be a very proud mum. love those cushions too such great colours your shop looks amazing.

  5. I love your miner's couch, you might like to check out my etsy shop where I sell miniature versions, at look for Argus Minis.
    I am tempted to make one like yours, love those cushions.