Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Everything is Rosy

With the end of Autumn comes the most beautiful roses in the garden. They are larger and have a depth of colour that they don't get in any other season.
This has been a very big past couple of weeks for us here at Chelsea Blue with our anniversary Sunday before last...23 years and counting...and Erica and Sam's 17th and 15th birthdays this week...including a birthday party for Erica last Saturday.
Now on the eve of Erica's birthday, I am feeling very excited about the new Country Style that should be in shops tomorrow as Cathy and I and our little shop are in it!!!!! I have had a sneak peek but I can't wait to have my very own copy in my hot little hands.
All going to plan, I will post some photos tomorrow.


  1. I am so excited for you both!! I went to look for Country Style yesterday, but of course too early! I had better get going to work early this morning - lunch time is forever away!!

  2. Got It!!!! Congratulations you on your magazine appearance!! Beautiful! Have just had a very quick look, so will go home and enjoy the pics and the text!!!

  3. Hi Angela went to the supermarket and bought Country Style - should have flicked through first. Got home and it was the wrong one..arghhh...so then back again yesterday and there it was.. the latest one(at least now I have two magazines to read-lucky me). So exciting for you and Cathy.
    Love the roses

  4. Dear Angela!
    It has been way to long since I visited you last.....can see that alot has happened and that your life is busy.....Congrats on newspaper apperance! Love your roses as always.

    Take care