Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's About Time!

Please forgive me for being gone SO long.

I have been rather busy with one thing or another.

These are some of the mother's day charms that Cathy and I have been working on and boy have they been popular in the shop.

Although having the shop has made life a little busier, it has been so much fun. There's something so very easy about working with your best friend creating things. I have found that having to man the shop just feels like a lovely day out especially if it's with Cathy, Erica and Kirstie.

We have some very lovely customers and it is always a pleasure to custom make charms that are unique and have meaning to that person.

I have been browsing on eBay again and found these very old, enamel clock faces.....that I couldn't resist.

The garden has been very beautiful with flowers starting to bloom everywhere.

Unfortunately, just as I was starting to do a lot more gardening, I have developed an annoying case of carpal tunnel- NO MORE gardening for me for a while.
I read the information sheet that the doctor gave me- "Most common in middle-aged and pregnant women"- it said! Oh DEAR! I guess that means I'm middle-aged because I'm definitely NOT pregnant!
A happy week to everyone. Take care,


  1. Hello long lost Angela!! So glad you're back - I was getting worried!! I hope you don't have to have surgery - does rest help? It looks like your garden is lovely as always! Glad to hear the shop is going well - I really must come and visit again some time soon. I often think about you - but full time work certainly gets in the way of social and creative life!!

  2. Hi Angela great to see another post. It is just wonderful to hear how well you and Cathy are doing with the shop. Sounds like fun too!
    What beautiful charms you and Cathy have created.

  3. Those charms are lovely! And the garden photos are beautiful. I need to get out and start planting my annuals this week.

    Kimberly :-)