Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Finds in the New Year

Happy New Year everyone!
Don't you love eBay? I have had a lot of luck lately finding the most wonderful old things on eBay. AND the prices have been right. It is very hard to find some of the older things like clocks, typewriters and signs in our local area so it is so nice to have something like eBay to source them. In fact, I think I have become a bit of an addict. I just have to see what's up for grabs most days.
This dear little early 1900's Jack o'Lantern clock arrived on my door step yesterday. I have always had an obsession with clocks and I find it incredible that something as old as this is still working! It goes so nicely with the Big Ben Westclox that I purchased a couple of months back. They are happily ticking away side by side on my desk as I write. I love that sound.

I am also on the prowl for black and white signs....words and numbers....I can't get enough of them. This sign is actually out of the old Blackall Library. I love when I know where they came from. It makes them even more special.
Excuse me now while I see what's on eBay this morning!
Have a happy day,


  1. Angela what great finds they are. Be careful you don't get too addicted now!!LOL

  2. I like your new findings! The clock was to die for! Would be perfect in my cottage kitchen!!!! I am very much in to black & white signs and numbers too right now - could it be a 2010 thing do you think? How is the shop going? Hopefully people are linig up.....

    Take care dear Angela