Monday, June 15, 2009

A New Week

Here's to a new week!
After a few challenging weeks (raising teenagers, need I say more?), I'm in need of some prettiness.
These are some of the charms that I have been making. These always make me happy.
Now all they need is the solder.

I found a little fairy sleeping in my fern......

......and some beautiful Duchess de Brabant roses to put in my little white jug that I found at the market. Roses always give me a sense of well-being.

Did you see Cathy and my new shoppe blog?......the beginning to our new adventure of opening a shop. It is going to be an exciting and challenging (in a good way) journey.....
Wishing everyone a pretty week too,


  1. Hi Angela,
    I love your charms. What lovely pieces of art. Your photos took my breath away.

  2. Hi Angela...lovely to see you again...and totaly understand you are soooo busy and i for one can't wait to see your shop...and I have been to your shop;s like waiting for the 'lolly' shop to open heee the photos....charms look fab and the roses divine....see you soon Mandi

  3. Hi Angela what gorgeous charms. So soft and pretty.
    What a beautiful colour your roses are.
    It is such an exciting time for you and cathy with the opening of the shop coming soon.
    Oh, teenagers... such a 'fun time'!!LOL

  4. Nearly holidays Angela!! The children seem to be really hanging out for their break!
    Lovely to see your beautiful pics. I can't wait for your shop to open - too exciting for all of us.
    Thinking of you often. Leisa