Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Old Postcards

When John and I were out and about on our anniversary "date", I was fortunate to find these lovely old postcards in one of the antique shops we looked in.
Many a time have I rifled through the box of old postcards on the shop counter but I'm often disappointed as we just don't seem to be able to get many of these sort. More of the garish sort, which I'm sure someone would love but not me.

I had sort of given up looking in the box on other occasions but I think my sixth sense was beckoning to give them just one more look.
Sure glad I listened!

Happy days,


  1. Hi Angela they are beautiful, so glad you did keep looking

  2. I adore old postacrds as well...they seem to have so much character and I often try to imagine what the sender and receiver were like...good find...well done

  3. Just tagged you sweetie....Go and take a look at my blog..... Love ya C

  4. Those are incredible imagines. You were so luck to find them. xo Joan

  5. Angela, I've finally had the time to visit your blog, via Cathy, and I'm so very very glad that I did. What a lovely blog, filled with beautiful images. I wish you the best ever time while getting your shop ready with Cathy {both of you Louise's no less!} It will be the most adorable place around, of that I'm sure!
    xo Lidy

  6. I love old postcards too. You have a lovely blog.