Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Beauty That Surrounds Us

The more I look around me.....
the more beauty I find.

There are so many lovely things to behold if we stop to take the time.
Sometimes we take the lovely things we have for granted.
See the beautiful treasures that I found at my home.
What do you see?


  1. They are indeed beautiful treasures and would make me smile and bring pleasure too....thanks for sharing..

  2. What a joy to look at your amazing blog. You must have put so much work and love into it.

    Thank you for the precious pics, I could just visually bathe in them.

  3. Wow how are you today my giggle partner!!! Your garden ALWAYS makes me smile so, so gorgeous...Love ya heaps C xx

  4. Angela, you have the most amazing garden. I can't seem to get enough looking at it. These pictures today must really make you smile, because they are just gorgeous. Yes, we must stop and be amazed by the beauty all around, lest our lives be wasted.

  5. Wow! Haven`t been visiting for a while.....and Oh how beautiful your header, and blog and pics are! Enjoyed it so much! And I loved the beautiful charms! As always it made me long for being closer to you ( in miles I mean...) so that you could teach me how to make them!

    Lots of love to you my dear blog friend!


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