Tuesday, April 15, 2008


What would we do without computers?
I am afraid that I have been absent due to computer problems. It still isn't fixed but I have now sorted myself out with programs and things so I can use my son's computer and finally get to post. I think I am just lucky that my son has a computer. A working one at that!
I'm sure many of you thought that my 41st birthday resolution was to never blog again.
Right. Now to business.
Thankyou so much everybody for all the lovely birthday wishes. It really made my birthday special to hear from everybody including some "new" bloggers as well.
What have I been up to?
I found this dear ol' turkey in our garden one lovely Autumn day just after we'd had a much appreciated drop of rain. I had heard him gobbling over yonder for a couple of months but I guess he had decided to see what the wide world had to offer. He found his way to our chook pen where he was very keen to join our feathered family. Unfortunately when I tried to introduce him to the chooks, geese and duck,he felt the need to assert himself so he was quickly tossed out of the pen. I'm sad to say that this was his demise as when we were away for a couple of days something saw fit to make a meal of him....poor fellow. We never did find out who owned him. We were preparing to do a letter drop when we returned from the coast but I don't think anyone would have wanted him back in that condition!
I had fun making this charm for my friend Barbara to give to our friend Leisa over at Eleanor and Ruby.

I have to tell you though that I did burn one in the process. Rushing. No matter how many times I do it I will never learn. Creativity shouldn't be rushed. If you can't give it the time it needs, don't bother. Things will go much smoother if you're in the mood.
Ah it's good to be back. Stay happy, Angela.


  1. Hi Angela good to have you back. Computers can be such a pain.
    Oh that poor turkey.
    What a pretty charm you have made for Leisa.

  2. Hi Angela, So glad your back in the land of blog!! Have missed you. As I scrolled down it was lovely to see my beautiful charm - I love it. I am glad it was rescued. Hope all is well with you. Leisa

  3. Welcome back to Blog Land! So glad to read about the goings on in your life again. That poor, poor turkey! And the beautiful charms! They are so delicate and pretty! How do you make them? I was really curious about the burnt part. Do you make the little silver frames as well? Ever since I first saw your lovely charms I have been wanting to try something like that out for myself. But I can`t find the little silver frames in any shops here in Sweden so then I thought that maybe you do them yourself.

    Lots of love to you my friend!

  4. Welcome back, so good to see you back, have missed you. That's quite a turkey in your garden! Hey! Your rose looks great, you should do more roses.

  5. Hello Angela! I LOVE the pretty jar filled with colorful yummy goodies! And wishing you a belated Happy Birthday! I will let you know if I get the PINK bike! Maryjane

  6. Thanks Angela, I have enjoyed both the tea bread and my new PJ’s!!!! I have just been to Bunnings – got some pretties to pot up. Just put my bulb order in this week, so looking forward to them arriving. Got the Garden Express catalogue this week with the roses! Will have to go for a walk around the garden and see how many I will get!! I have been getting heaps of visits to my blog through your blog – so thank you! Hope you have a lovely weekend, it would be nice if this showery weather set in for awhile. Leisa
    P.S. This was an email that bounced back - it must have a problem with it. Do you have a new email address?

  7. Lovely photos! And that charm is beautiful!

    Sorry to hear about the computer troubles...frustrating contraptions, aren't they?

    You have a beautiful blog!
    Kimberly :)

  8. Hi Angela, thanks for your sweet comment. Love the beautiful jewelry. Blessings to you, Theresa

  9. Hi Angela! Thanks for the info on how to make charms. Sounds like quite a dangerous hobby :-) I would SO like to try..... I like being adventurous you know.....! Do you order the material from a website?

    Lots of LOve

  10. Dear Angela, I am soooo happy to hear from you again!!! Thank you so much for letting me know that you are still here :) I was a bit worried for a while I have to admit. I thought as you said, she turned 41 and discovered that Life had so much more interesting things to offer than spending time in front of the computer. Just kidding :) But life came along, and you have had a lovely time I would guess. What you are sending across is a feeling of contentment and happiness, and that`s the most important thing in life!
    Your garden is as beautiful as ever, and what a cute little turkey! :)) Poor creature..

    I see that you are beeing creative at the moment. I have been informed of Cathy that you are helping her a couple of days a week? I guess that is so much fun! I love both of your work and so do most of the other skandinavian girls here in this little blogworld. No wonder!

    So how`s the weather? I am always curious about that. How is it down under..Here it is lovely spring weather, with sun, 15 degrees and trees in full blossom. Love the spring!!
    It has been a very hectic time for us the last few months, and 2 days ago our house were sold. I am sooo happy that the day almost is here! I have been very homesick and as they say : "Home is were the heart is". And my heart is with my family in Norway.

    Well Angela, maybe we could talk a bit more often now? I am already looking forward to next visit and to hear a few words from you again. Take really good care and do enjoy your work!
    Greetings from Holland and Aina :)