Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A New Lease of Life

There's no better time than Autumn to do some of those much needed changes in the garden.
I must confess that I have let a lot of areas of my garden slip a little as the years have gone by. What started as grand plans that did eventually come to fruition with a lot of backbreaking hard work has ended in perhaps a little neglect and at times a lot of mess. As the trees have matured and I have matured the garden is in need of some TLC. Plants that were once in full sun are now in shade, leaves continually drop, grass wears out in the shade and voila, MESS!
Please don't get me wrong...I do love gardening and I think that this is all part of the natural evolution of the garden. It is also a good excuse for change. Something that I have always been very fond of.
So, with snippers and shovel in hand this past couple of weeks I have been addressing the gardens in the main entrance area.
Under the ever present watchful eye of my dear little Poppy, I took out a very large vine (with John's help of course{he's on long service leave}) that was obscuring the main thorough fare.
We redid the paving that was somewhat higgledy piggledy from the vine's roots.
I decided that I would only plant well behaved plants in the two gardens closest to the verandah.
Ones that can be clipped and ones that aren't straggly.
I have filled the garden with white pansies until I can get all the clippable plants.
On the other side of the path I had to take out a lot of soil to get the height right.

I think I would rather a more gentle colour for the waterfeature...say, white or tin.... but it's ever so hard to find here and I already had this pot.
Hopefully I will find some more plants tomorrow and the make over will be complete.
Happiness to you all, Angela.


  1. What lovely weather to be able to get into your garden. It looks like you have been having a wonderful time. Your pictures are just beautiful once again.

  2. What lovely photos of the garden. I guess bit by bit you will get it under control
    How sweet Poppy is.

  3. Your garden looks splendid. I love your birdhouse/birdfeeder and the piece of metal behind your blue pot. Lovely features you have here and there.Yes, Autumn is definitely the best season for the garden, I love this time of the year the best. I can relate as sometimes I do let my garden go and then I clean up and feel good after, sometimes we have to do that.

  4. I love the blue pot! And your garden pictures are beautiful.