Monday, March 3, 2008

Guess What Tomorrow Is?


So much for turning forty. One blink and I'm already 41.

To some, like my kids, I'm old. To others, I'm young. A mere perspective thing really. I remember when I was 15, having a friend who was seemed so old at the time. Now 30 seems young. For me though...well...I'm still just a girl at heart.

I once heard a man of eighty asked what was it like to be old. He said that it was a privilege to be old as not everybody got the opportunity. I like that. Very well put.

It doesn't seem that long ago that my Mum and Dad were in their forties and now it's me. I like what comes with this age though. I am much more outgoing and confident. I can have a go at most things and succeed without much song and dance. You see, I was so painfully shy when I was growing up and this seemed to hinder me in so many ways.

I feel so alive at the moment. The days are glorious. The sound of bird song fills the garden and the fluttering butterflies paint a very rosy picture indeed. No need for rose coloured glasses at this time of year!

What a beautiful time of year to have a birthday! Lucky me!


  1. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Angela
    Happy Birthday to you

    Hope you had a great day today for your birthday.
    Don't blink too often or before you know it, you will be 50!!

  2. Happy Birthday Angela - same day as my BJ Hope you had a most wonderful day. Thank you so much for our lovely visit last week. I had such a nice time.

  3. Angela - belated Happy birthday:-) You have the most beautiful of blogs here

    Absolutely Beautiful!:-)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Mine was last tue. the 26th, but I am 2 years older than you..:( We also share the same middle name..:0
    Hope you had a great B~day!

  5. Happy Birthday a few days late, Angela :) You do have a wonderful time of year for a birthday - I hope it was a happy happy one!

  6. I hope you had a wonderful birthday full of love, joy and happiness. My B-day is the 26 th of december so naturally I am a bit envious ;-)

    Lots of Love to you my friend!

    PS The bandage and stiches came of today. What a sence of freedom. I have so many things I want to do right now and so little time since everything has piled up att work when I was away. Sigh!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to you. Yes, true, true. That's what I thought while I was reading this post. May your years ahead be filled with more blessings and good things from above. I was shy like you when I was younger too.

  8. Happy birthday to tou...happy birthday to you.....=) Hope you have a wonderful day. Take care /Malin xxx

  9. Oh I missed your birthday! I am so sorry Angela, but I still want to Congratulate you! I heard about it at Cathy`s place.

    The times flies, you are so right..sometimes it can be scary...scary to look into the mirror...but also fun and wonderful..I love looking at old pictures, it brings back memories. Bad and good..

    How was it? I mean. the day? I hope you enjoyed it very much. Over a few days I will celebrate mine too..34..can`t believe that either, hihi...

    I hope you are doing fine Angela. I miss you! And I hope the package will soon arrive. I am quite curious about what you will say.

    Take good care and see you soon!
    Warm hug from Aina

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  11. Happy birthday;) And 30 is YOUNG!!! ;)

  12. Don't blink again...or you'll be 52 like me!
    Have a wonderful, magical birthday tomorrow! 41 is just a kid, IMHO!

  13. Happy Birthday! I love your blog! Maryjane from California!

  14. Well then a very Happy Birthday to ya!
    Sandra Evertson

  15. Happy Birthday to you Angela Louise! You have an absolutely beautiful blog. The photos are breathtaking.

    Many blessings,
    Rebecca( Ladies' Historical Tea Society)

  16. Dear Angela!
    Hope you are doing well and enjoying your lovely garden. Spring is slowly coming to Sweden although we`ve had a few setbacks with snow. I have a contest over at my place by the way. Celebrating the fact that I now only have one blog and therefore a lot more time on my hands to do creative stuff :-) Creative stuff for people to win!

    I would love you to visit and participate of course :-)

    See ya!