Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stop! Cleaning in Progress!

Cleaning cupboards....need I say more. What a job. Not much fun while you're doing it but very rewarding when the job is done. The one I'm doing today is one that I haven't ventured into for quite some time for fear of everything falling on me! Lots of fabric remnants, clothes that need a new home and bits and pieces that MIGHT come in handy one day. What to do with it? I think it is time to be brutal and to make the hard decisions.

I must say that tidy cupboards is definitely not one of my strong points. Once upon a time when the kids were little and we hadn't accumulated SO much stuff, I did have clean cupboards. I think the main problem is that we have grown out of our cupboard space. No matter how much I get rid of, there always seems to be an abundant supply of things to take its place.

My cupboards are home to a rather alarming number of unfinished projects....some from years ago. This fabric painting/stitchery was to be the middle block of a quilt that I was making when I was pregnant with Isaac. I am ashamed to say that Isaac is now 16 and there is no finished quilt in sight. I'm sure it would have turned out to be a very lovely quilt!

I've also found that as I get into more and more baking and cooking the number of ingredients I need doesn't actually fit into my pantry in any organized manner. Every time I clean it and think I will keep it good, I get into a mad cooking frenzy and well, that's the end of it. Lucky to last a week!
Anyway, I must keep going on this cupboard cleaning or I will run out of day.
Yes, yes, I know these photos are of my garden but I think it's a much nicer place to be than staring at the inside of a cupboard.....don't you?


  1. Oh my dear Angela, do you want to come and do mine next LOL!!!!!! I think my cupboards will have to wait till Summer now... Beautiful photos of your garden as always...Hopefully I will get to have a stroll around it if I pick Kirstie up on Saturday....
    Love ya

  2. Lovely garden photo's. The Spring cleaning bug must be in the air because I've been doing the same things here too!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  3. Hi Angela, Must have been the day for it, although I only got one childs bedroom done and tidied the sewing room - which meant stuffing things in the cupboard and slamming the door quick. Oh my, after only 1 year!! Love the pictures of the garden, beautiful!!!

  4. Clean cupboards....what a pleasure, for sure! Why do we put it off?...maybe because there's more beautiful things to see...like your lovely flowers.

  5. Yes, the Spring cleaning bug, I got it too, all of a sudden I want to make everything clean, nice and neat and organised. I think there's something about the weather getting a bit warmer that we want to clean out cupboards and start afresh. Your garden is beautiful indeed, I think it's what I call a "real" garden, with paths and plants meandering, full of surprises........

  6. Do you still have these lovely flowers in your garden? Ours are gone for this year.
    Hope you're having a good day.
    Love Elzie

  7. Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog. Just wanted to tell you that it's me that has made the crocheted tablecloth. It was funny to do, even if it took a long time to make one row on the midle LOL.
    Hope you're having a great day. Here we have a cold, sunny day.
    Love Elzie

    PS! I'm a real handcraft person. I knit, crochet, embroider and do scrapbooking!!! Wish I had more time to do it.

  8. What pretty pictures. I LOVE morning glories. Hope you have a lovely day and should feel good after all that cleaning. :)

  9. Lovely morning glory, & beautiful rose's...& photo's of them!! And enjoy the great feeling you get when your cupboard's are all clean & tidy!! I seem to do more spring cleaning in the fall than in the spring...in the spring I'm too busy outside!! :)
    Enjoy !

  10. Haha, i just had to laugh, shure the plants looks more inviting :) But i really love before and after pictures too ;) Angela, i really loved your visit and your sweet words, you always seems to know how to say exactly the right words to me, i am so glad you stopped by!
    Spring cleaning, i don`t even use that word. However, my friends do. I try to clean up every 3 months, but normally i fail to do so. Do you live in a small house? They tend to be far more difficult to furnish and you will soon get untidy spaces/rooms. I know that for shure, because i live in a small house and i really need to be very organized, practical and minimize every furniture or decorations i have. Normally i gather every iteam i don`t use or need and bring it to the second-hand store, that helps a lot!!
    I should have cleaned out my kitchen cabinets, oh what a work that is!! Yes, i have seen the dust, all the sugar and the greasy surfaces, but i have closed my eyes to escape the work that need to be done :)I have made plans to do it before christmas..
    Have you started on our swap? I haven`t yet. I hope i will this week. Today i will finnish a few orders, and then i will start. Time flies! Yes, but i already have made one iteam, i hope it will give you a happy face :)
    I have to go now, but wish you good cleaning days, and enjoy the springtime a little bit for me!! It is cold here today, only 5 degrees, brrrr..
    Hug and kiss from Aina (",)

  11. Angela, got to your blog through Cathy's post. Your garden looks lovely. I think - No I know i would rather be in the garden than cleaning out cupboards.

  12. Cleaning cupboards is not a problem for me. A tiny house with only one closet and the kitchen cabinets. That forces one to be very minimal and tidy.

    I think you should finish the quilt you started while pregnant with your son. What a great heirloom it would be to hand down to him and his bride one day. It's really a very lovely start.