Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two Awards!

Two very lovely people over the past couple of weeks have nominated me for two different awards and I feel very honoured indeed. Thanks so much Cathy and Jeanette for the very kind compliments you have given me. I'd like to say,"right back at you". I love to read both of your blogs.
I thought I would give you a bunch of flowers for your kindness- sorry they're not the real thing!
 I would like to nominate Jeanette for the NICE MATTERS AWARD. Jeanette is my new friend from Sweden. She also is a very creative person and makes the most wonderful things using a combination of felting and quilting. You can just imagine how delighted I was when Jeanette recently told me she had made me this beautiful little quilt. I was so excited, I couldn't stop smiling. To think somebody that I had never met in person would do something so nice for me! Such a thoughtful friend, thank you. Jeanette is in the process of doing up an old farmhouse and is doing the best job of it. It is a pleasure to be sharing in her journey. Now I must nominate some other blogging friends for the NICE MATTERS AWARD, so here goes...
Eleanor and Ruby- Leisa is a wonderful mother and homemaker. Her blog has beautiful photos of her new garden and thrift shop finds and is always a pleasure to read.
Rosy Inspiration is full of roses, pretty things and delicious cooking. A girl after my own heart.
It's nice to see how life is going on the "other" side of Australia.
and last but not least,
Nature, Art and Home- Andrea is a very special person who loves nature and shows great concern for the world in which we live. She is a wonderful artist who not only draws the most amazing caricatures but can draw life-like drawings of natures bounty. Real talent.


  1. Hi, Angela Louise,

    Wow! Congratulations, you lucky girl, I looooove the look of that quilt, very pretty indeed! Thanks so much for your compliment on my lounge room, I love it. It took me quite a while to change it from its former look, I'm happy with it now. Thanks for nominating me with the award, I feel honoured. It's been so nice to meet you in this blogland, keep up the good work.

  2. Is that all I get? A pretty picture award? Where's the Golden Oscar? Firstly, I'd like to thank 'GOD' in helping me to achieve this award. ..
    secondly, I'd like to thank.... 'GOD' again... and thirdly, I'd like to thank you Angela Louise. You've been a constant buddy throughout, someone who I feel I have a lot in common with. (I'll accept the award just to be part of 'THE GANG')

  3. OH, congratulation with you two awards girl! You shure deserve it :) This little creative world is great isn`t it? I am very happy to have met you and your world of beauti, your blog is so calm, inspirational and thoughtful. Sending you a good blogfriend hug all the way from The Netherlands, and Aina (",)

  4. Thanks dear Angela... So glad we are friends.... Much Love

  5. Oh my...Thank you so much! It has been a really rotten day so your award made me feel so much better. And I can`t think of any one who better deserve a nice blog award. I put your little felting in the post today. Don`t know how long it will take to reach you though. You being on the other side of the world!


  6. Dear Angela Louise,
    First of all, thank you ever so much for a very loooong and lovely message!!
    Superperson, I ? Haha...no, no, no..i feel really blessed though that so many nice people takes their time to visit my little world and even leave me some words.
    No, no...i don`t even have the time or energy to visit all the people that i have on my list.But i really want though!
    I take maybe 10 one day, and 10 another day. But some of them i visit more frequently :) So, there you have it :)Yes, i have so many things to do every day. Well, i don`t have to do them, but i want to. I am a creative person and i can`t just sit still :) But maybe you recognize yourself? Anyway, just wanted to thank you. And not everyone makes an impression on me like you do :) Enjoy your springdays Angela and take now good care of that precious water!
    Big hug from Aina (",)

  7. Hello Angela< just came across your blog and found it so pretty and delightful! The recipes are so great too! i can't wait to visit again soon, feel free to come my way too! Best wishes for a great week, Lori