Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Spring is in the Air

There is the enticing feel of spring in the air. You know the can't get enough of it. The irresistible urge to garden and clean. There are flowers appearing, complete with their wonderful smells. Life feels a pleasure to be part of. Well, it has started at my place. For me it always starts with cleaning and rearranging. My hutch was the first victim...a little change in the arrangement and lots of dusting.
Fresh "start of spring" flowers in my new enamel jug
and in an old wall vase I bought at the swap meet.
I couldn't resist these cushions on a recent shopping trip as they matched my lounge room perfectly. Something fresh and new. I was planning on making some but I can still do that as you can never have enough of them.
Spring is such a rewarding time to potter in the garden doing some planting. With the warmer weather, everything just wants to grow. I have been madly planting up new containers to place on outside tables. This table is one of the projects I have been doing. We bought it at a very reasonable price years ago but it was green and I never really did like it. So now in my mad white phase it too has had a lick of white paint. I am still in the process of painting the chairs. It is very hard to settle down to one task at the moment as the garden is always beckoning me.

Speaking of which...I must dash, the garden is calling. Happiness to all my blogging friends till next time.


  1. What gorgeous photos! I love your hutch and the pretty china you've got displayed on it. Spring cleaning in your part of the world and canning/preserving time in my part of the world. So cool to get to see what's happening where you are.

  2. Your hutch looks so pretty my friend... Nice soft colours for the start of Spring... It definitely feels like the start of a new season and I am sooooooo hoping it brings with it lots of rain...

  3. Autum is in the Sweden! Spring, aaaah that sounds a long way of. But I like autum to. I think you are a Rockin Girl Blogger. Why? Take a look at my blog!

  4. Thanks for such a nice meaty comment in my blog, really enjoyed reading it and getting to know you a bit. Oh! I love the colour of your enamel jug, soooo fresh! The hutch looks splendid, I wish I could paint ours white too, that's one of the things I haven't dared to paint, simply because it'll be a big job and if I paint it, I'll feel the need to paint all the other things in our living room, therefore the furniture in the living/dining area have escaped my paintbrush. All the photos are simply gorgeous!

  5. Dear Angela Louise,
    First, thank you so mcuh for sweet and interesting words in my little world. I always get happy receiving some words from you! Yes, i am shure the little wallaby is the not so common one they tried to find(terry&Steve). It is for me very interesting to know more about your beautiful country. I follow every program at the Animal Planet but you live there and can tell me so much more.Like to day for instance. Here it is fall, but where you live it is Springe, how special isn`t that?
    I really don`t know much about the seasons in Australia and would be delighted if you could tell me some more? When does the summer begins and when starts the winter?
    I know the feeling that you are telling us about. It is just great, the springtime is the most beautiful season i think. Everything comes to live again, well here up north anyway. Yes, everything is "dead" and grey and after a long winter with lots of snow and cold days it is a happy moment to see and feel the springtime again. But i like the fall too, with all the colours. It is like the nature in on fire. With yellow, brown, red and orange leafs. It is wonderful! If you want to i can send you some pictures, just let me know. Aina

  6. Oh, i forgot to tell you that i loved your new enamel can!!The colours is so pretty, just perfect :) I collect enamel cups and cans so i am deilighted to see that we share the same interest for the beauti of enamel :)