Monday, May 14, 2007

Window Shelf

This is what I have made over the Mother's Day weekend.The old window had spent many years under the house just waiting to become something. I have been trying to make the verandah more like a little room of the house and so I 've been excitedly making, painting, collecting and planting all manner of things to place in my new "little room". The director's chairs are still waiting for their new covers and I still need to make some nice cushions.

Whenever I make something, I always end up adding more colour than I intended to. I have decided that I just like combining colours to make pretty effects. I can honestly say that colour makes me feel happy. It doesn't have to be pastels or any particular shade of a colour- I just like to see any colours that are co-ordinating. In fact, it's also refreshing to see colours that are slightly jarring. Colour has so much impact on me that when I'm hanging out the "darks" load of washing, I feel awful! There's nothing better than a line full of pretty co-ordinating colours. Needless to say, in our house you will find lots of colour. I don't care for fashions. If it makes me feel good then I will use whatever colour I desire!

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  1. Gosh you are a creative girl... You never cease to amaze me...