Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A quick note...

These are a couple of little "message boxes" that I have been making over the long weekend. Mother's Day is a wonderful excuse to create. Iwill be sending letters from all of the family in the one to my husband's Mum. We will also find something lovely to place inside...

This message box is for my Mum. I am so lucky to have her living close to me. I don't have any sisters and so Mum plays that role too. We love to shop together and so I go into town once a week and spend the whole day with Mum. We have such a lovely time together and probably buy too many things just because they're pretty. We usually stop for a coffee somewhere nice and we hardly stop talking- good fun!


  1. Wow Angela
    This is so very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Your Mum is a very lucky girl to have you my friend. The more I see of your lovely work the more I want to open a shop with you....Keep sharing won't you....

  2. Hi
    I'll be coming back to visit your blog soon. I'd love to see more of what you're creating! Love the Mothers Day boxes!

  3. Really so very pretty Angela,

    I love the flowered boxes & charms, everything.
    Have a wonderful other's Day ,too.

  4. oh dear! I meant to say
    Have a Wonderful Mother's Day!