Friday, May 4, 2007

My Very First Blog

As an avid blog reader, I have decided to contribute by creating my own blog. As I start, I wonder if I will have enough words, ideas, life experience, beautiful pictures, quotes, adventures and the many other ingredients that go into creating a blog, that many a lovely soul will come back to. Then I realize that as a Mum of three living in a beautiful part of this country of ours, "playing" decorator in a little cottage, in an ever maturing garden that we started from scratch- how could I go wrong! There are plenty of stories to be told.

I can't begin to tell you just how much joy and inspiration I get out of reading blogs...oh....I guess you do understand. Their has been many times that while I am reading blogs that I think "what am I doing here" and jump up to start or finish some creative project that I have on the go. Just looking at beautiful pictures can have that effect on me. There is so much in our wide world that makes me feel so good and motivated. Simple things like the wrens twittering outside my window, the gentle autumn sun, the children giggling and the flowers opening as we tend them....Flowers, I just love them. I love their many different forms and fragrances, the beauty of a rose, the smell of wattle on a winter's morning, the boldness of an orchid and the cheerfulness of a pansy. We are currently experiencing a very bad drought but it never ceases to amaze me how the plants can not only survive on little or no water but to actually grow on the smallest amount of rain. It was somewhat easy to get disheartened at the start of all this dry especially as the heat of summer gripped us but now it is autumn I have once again been in the garden planting a few flowers, pruing raking and tidying...very therapeautic.


  1. to my dear friend, what a wonderful first blog... I knew your writing would be as wonderful as your art and your sweet, sweet garden and cottage... I am blessed to live close enough and walk through your little piece of paradise (even in drought)... So glad you took the plunge as I know this will open up a whole new world for you... Actually didn't know we shared middle names, how lovely is that...

  2. What a great first blog that was.. Can't wait to hear more!!!!

  3. dear andrea,
    Welcome to a whole new world...this is a lovely first post. The room you have shown is lovely. Cathy has often spoken so fondly of you, I look forward to reading more about you, your art & gardens and your family.


  4. Thankyou for your encouraging and kind words Cathy, Kirstie and Christine. Life is (or at least, can be) such a joy and why not share your own journey with others of kindred spirits.