Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Didn't Do...

What I didn't do on my days off this week was to go into my studio and catch up on some charm making.

What I did do however was to redecorate in my home....something that is so lovely to do when the weather is beautiful.

It has been awhile since I have felt so motivated. I think it was something to do with Valentine's Day. The good feeling of making home with and for the ones I love. I cleaned, rearranged, cleaned and rearranged again. In the midst of it all, I cooked a pavlova and painted a few little things.

I was determined to have it all done by the time the family returned to the nest for the evening. 

During the morning I needed to tend to something at a neighbours place and as I was walking back up through the garden, I glanced into the very overgrown chook pen and caught sight of this beautiful snail creeper. I think I actually sighed as it was like finding an old friend. In all the "overgrowness"( for want of a better word ) I had totally forgotten in was even down there. And here it was, unkempt and forgotten offering up the most quaint bunch of flowers just for me. PRETTY!

I have been doing a lot of gardening of late as the whole garden has become somewhat overgrown but I really am enjoying rediscovering it.
And, what's better is that there has been enough rain for everything to stay green and to keep growing.
 I love that......

Oh, I did get a charm done for Erica. Oh no, that was the week before. The weeks seem to go by so fast...


  1. I love this post Angela ... nesting - ahh.
    And re-acquainting yourself with your old friends in the garden. This snail creeper has a beautiful fragrance doesn't it? Ours is prolifically blooming all over an arbour. Blessings to you on this sunny Thursday! from Barb

  2. Lovely as always Angela - such a artistic lady! Hope we catch up soon.